Possible central bike station, security alerts for students discussed in Senate

Jennifer Medina, News Copy Editor

Joe Nino spoke about a anti bike theft initiative during the Wed., Nov. 26, Senate meeting.

“Basically one of our ideas is to have a central bike station, where all the bikes will be, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate storage place, but a central place where the bikes can be at,” Nino said.

He added that maybe cadets can guard look over them, preferably in a central bike station in Falcon square.

The initiative looks into possibly also keeping the other bike stations around campus, but with renovations made to them, such as putting warning signs and cameras.

Joe Nino believes this will dramatically reduce the bike thefts going on in campus.

A lot of ideas have been put into consideration, but they are not yet accepted.

Another important topic that was presented during Senate, was the security initiative, presented by Commissioner Hope Garcia.

This initiative mandates that students receive text alerts of when something happens around campus.

If this initiative were to be accepted, then all students would have the choice of whether or not to accept the texts.

The Game Room was also discussed, a lot of ideas and opinions on what the Game room should or can possibly transform into were thrown out there during Senate by student senators but nothing is yet confirmed.

During the public forum time of the meeting, Student Trustee Daniel Flores, gave an opportunity to talk, to professor Gerardo (Jerry) Ramos, which has been given a ‘Unsatisfactory Review’ report.

Ramos says it is important for him to hear the students’ voice about this topic, which was not put on the report, because he thinks the student opinions are very important.