Cabinet mulls Game Room replacement, budgets analyzed

Jennifer Medina, News Copy Editor

A significant amount of ideas have been put out there by several ASCC students and the general public about what the game room should transform into since it is going through renovations, and Monday, Nov. 24, was not the exception during the ASCC Cabinet meeting.

Cabinet members discussed the many ideas that they have for what the game room can possibly become, such as a diversity center or sustainability center.

The decision has not yet been taken, but student government is putting a lot of time into coming up with an idea that’s good for the student community of Cerritos College.

On another note, the commissioner of budget and finance and her assistant gave a brief presentation to cabinet members on the school’s budget. They showed them the budget of every club on campus, what has been used and what hasn’t.

To finish the meeting, commissioner Hope Garcia and commissioner Edgar Torres presented to cabinet members the idea of how important it is to send text alerts to students of certain things that happen on campus.

This was just an informative item with the sole purpose of making it become a possibility to be taken into consideration.

Cabinet did not get to conclude with its entire agenda due to time constraint, but it postponed the remaining list to the next cabinet meeting, which will be on Monday, Dec.1.