Anthony Rendon secures $17 million for Cerritos


Lukas Luna-Arellano, Opinion Editor

Lukas Luna-Arellano: California Speaker Of The Assembly Anthony Rendon has secured 17 Million dollars for Cerritos and was celebrated for his feat with a presentation held on Oct. 19

The Prop 98 allocation will be used to construct the student services and admin center, as well as the student transit Metro Go Pass program.

The program is meant to ensure students can make their way to class with affordable transportation, through means of a steep discount.

President Jose Fierro opened the presentation before the board of trustees were introduced.

Following the introductions, Rendon presented the board with the first of multiple checks that would eventually total over 17 million dollars.

Before things moved inside, student trustee Hector Ledesma took to the podium to offer his own heartfelt thanks on behalf of the student body.

Upon the start of the board meeting, Speaker Rendon remarked upon his history working with troubled youth has taught him that education is key to ensuring children do not face a difficult future.

Cerritos typically struggles to stretch its budget on any given fiscal year, making Rendon’s contributions much appreciated.

Board president James Birkey offered similar sentiments during his thanks of the California Speaker.

After the presentation came to an end, the regularly scheduled board of trustees meeting began at 6 p.m.

From Talon Marks, this has been Lukas Luna.