Board of Trustee transcript


Trustee Zurich Lewis being sworn in by father and La Mirada City Council member John Lewis. Photo credit: Miya Walker, Public Affairs

Gabriel Villegas

Gabriel Villegas: Cerritos College hosted its final Board of Trustees meeting for the semester which saw the swearing-in of re-elected board members as well as the appointment of new board officers for the upcoming 2023 semester.

The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance and continued with the address of public comments which included the consideration of BP 5040 Student Records, Directory, Information and Privacy as the release of a student’s private information was handled.

Afterward, Dennis Falcon, the Faculty Senate President recognized several departments for their outstanding achievements this semester as well as Public Affairs Graphic Designer Kelly Kwan who received his second Employee of the Month award.

Next, the board saw the swearing-in of trustees James Cody Birkey and Shin Liu by Dr Jose Fierro as well as trustee Zurich Lewis by his father and La Mirada City Council member John Lewis.

For the upcoming semester, new board officers were elected beginning with Shin Liu nominated for Board President, Sandra Salazar nominated for Vice President, and Mariana Pacheco nominated for Board Clerk.

With a majority roll call vote, all candidates have appointed their nominated positions and will serve under those titles for the next two years.

President Liu said she felt very honored for the support of her community and students and posed for a big photo alongside coworkers, friends, and family.

Former President Birkey expressed his gratitude for having served as President of Cerritos College, especially during the pandemic which saw the board put a greater focus on student success.

I’m Gabe Villegas of Talon Marks.