Self-care and Optimizing Energy Levels at Cerritos


Cinthia Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Cinthia Gutierrez: On Oct. 27, 2022, there was an event called “Self-care and Optimizing Energy Levels” for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

This event was hosted by Angel Gray, a campus victim advocate who hosts events like this every month that have to do with spreading awareness for mental health, domestic violence and other topics like this.

She is always available on campus to give help and support to students and faculty who may be going through Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence and stalking cases.

She has helped many students since her arrival in July 2019 and gives support and advice, which is confidential.

She has even made referrals for people to get the proper help they need in hard situations.

A big point she made in her presentation was that Domestic Violence can always lead to long-term issues in victims and everlasting trauma.

She presented us with an activity sheet, showing 16 different animated pictures.

These animated pictures showed tapping motions you can do toward your face, head, fingers, chest and forehead.

These tapping motions are said to release stress and help when you are in difficult situations.

This can help with victims going through things long-term or even for anybody going through a stressful moment.

I was able to talk to a student there whose name is Koby Hormon, he shared with me how inviting he felt after practicing this activity.

He was also was able to share with me that somebody close to him had gone through a Domestic Violence case and how helpless he felt when he didn’t know how to support them.

He said after learning this activity, he will now have something to be able to provide to anybody who’s going through a Domestic Violence case in the future.

So, he was very grateful to learn this from this presentation.

I have learned a lot from this presentation and have kept in mind the 16 different motions.

This is Cinthia Guiterrez from Talon Marks.