UnDocu Week presentation


Gabriel Villegas

Student Action Week Audience posing with guests speaker Ju Hong (Oct 17, 2022).

Gabriel Villegas, Staff Writer

Gabriel Villegas: Guest speaker and UCLA Dream Resource Center director Ju Hong spoke to students

on October 17th about the deferred action program as part of Cerritos College’s Sixth Annual Student Action Week.

The event was hosted by the UncoduLEADERS and UndocuFalcons Scholars Programs and was organized by Program Facilitator Maria Barragan.

Ju Hong started his presentation with a video that documented his struggles with being an undocumented citizen and the troubles he had visiting his senile grandmother in South Korea, as with each trip, her condition noticeably worsened.

After the film, Ju Hong sat down with Faculty Counselor Lynn Wang answering questions from her and other students and offering advice on supporting the Undocumented community.

Ju Hong’s ultimate goal in supporting the undocumented community is to bring all the communities together in a push for collective liberation.

Not only does the DACA program Hong supports offer eligibility for employment, but it can potentially save undocumented citizens with final removal orders.

Hong urges students to think globally but act locally. It can be as simple as donating art, using respective terms, and even educating others on the various programs Cerritos College has to offer.

Cerritos College’s Undocumented Student Action Week hosted events every day of the week to offer support and create opportunities for undocumented students.

I’ve been Gabe Villegas from the Cerritos College Newspaper.