Boy Toy Jesse joins WPMD for a bit

Celia Lira

Boy Toy Jesse, KISS FM radio announcer, visited the B’s Mix, one of the shows, to support one of his interns Ivonne Burciaga, an RTVF major.

He was at Cerritos College on Tuesday from 11 a.m. to noon; it was B’s Mix’s last radio show of the semester.

Burciaga, Justine Reyes, communications major, and Tito Benavides, communications major are the voices of B’s Mix show.

“It’s exciting to be here. It reminds me when I was doing college radio,” said Lozano. “A tip that I would give to college students is to not be afraid to work for free at first, people just don’t understand that.”

Burciaga said, “I have been an intern for KISS for two semesters and I wanted to bring Boy Toy Jesse, he is an inspiration, he made it to the top. In this industry, you got to be so humble.”

Boy Toy Jesse is what he goes by on air; his real name is Jesse Lozano.

He said, “I got the name from my first boss, I used to wash her car and run errands for her so she named me Boy Toy, you usually get on-air names from someone else.” 

Boy Toy Jesse is a single dad that has made it in the radio industry.

His show has the No. 1 spot in the Los Angeles market. He is working for the biggest radio station in North America.

Lozano said, “I have been in radio for ten years, I’d give another 10 years. I want to retire early from radio. I would like to be a motivational speaker.”

Reyes, communications major, said, “I think it was great to have him in our show. I have learned a lot from him, he is not a quitter, he is a single dad.”

“It was a beautiful day today, I think that more professionals should come to the college. They are great examples for the students,” Benavides said.