“We Still Don’t Trust You” is a snooze fest

WE STILL DONT TRUST YOU official album cover.
“WE STILL DON’T TRUST YOU” official album cover.
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Metro Boomin and Future released their second album in less than a month called, “We Still Don’t Trust You”.

This is a sequel to their last project called, “We Don’t Trust You”, which shook up the Hip-Hop industry.

And with that being said the expectations for this album were high considering what these two just had accomplished with the previous project but this one didn’t live up to the expectations.

The album consisted of two sides the first one being 18 tracks and the second having seven with the total of 25 tracks.

The album was rumored to be an R&B album which sounded very interesting because it is a complete shift from what was on “We Don’t Trust You” which was straight trap music, simply where Future aka Pluto is in his comfort zone.

And it indeed was an R&B album and it started with a bang with the first song being the title track that feature The Weeknd.

The song starts and you immediately get vibes from a song by The Weeknd because the beat just fits his genre of music.

This was a great way to start the album and the first half was very consistent but the same cannot be said about the last nine tracks on this album

It started to become an album where every other track just felt ok for the most part, by no means necessary were any of the tracks bad but they didn’t hit.

One of the tracks on the album called Red Leather is one of the best on this album which has a surprising feature by J. Cole.

Although it’s a highlight it has a huge issue and it’s that it is way too long for no reason.

It takes up to four and a half minutes to even get to the Cole feature which is the best part of the song.

It’s Future rapping over a beat with a beautiful guitar string, but after a while the beat is overdone because Future raps for what it feels like forever.

Again this album isn’t terrible to me it’s just boring, which is an insane statement to make considering this is an album by Metro Boomin and Future.

Now there are some highlights like The Weeknd’s contribution to this album is needed. Also features from Lil Baby and A$AP Rocky who took some shots at Drake in his verse.

But other than the disses towards Drake and the good features from The Weeknd, there’s not much to get out of this album.

And it doesn’t help that a leaked Drake diss track completely overshadowing this album which I’m sure isn’t a coincident that it leaked a day after this album was released.

The first album they put together last month was almost perfect, and this album just doesn’t come anywhere near close to it in terms of consistency and replay value.

Overall I think this album was ok, not good, and not bad it’s just an ok album with a couple of good tracks so on a scale from 1-10, it gets a 5/10.



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