Schreiner teaches and performs

Bobby Chichester

Gregory Schreiner is a piano teacher at Cerritos College and is the creator of “Hollywood Revisited,” a musical that showcases his costume collection.

“It is a show I put together about 15 years ago using my piano talent and combining it with my collection of more than 300 movie costumes,” Schreiner said.

Some of the more prominent costumes showcased were worn by:

  • Marilyn Monroe,
  • Elizabeth Taylor,
  • Julie Andrews,
  • Gene Kelly,
  • Bette Davis,
  • Katharine Hepburn,
  • Mae West,
  • Bob Hope,
  • Bing Crosby and
  • Judy Garland.

“I love all parts of the show, but particularly seeing the audience be amazed at the incredible costumes from the movies,” he said.

Usually the show has a four-person cast, but in larger venues, more of the 10-person cast can be used.

The show does about 20 performances a year, and Schreiner has just signed a deal with an agent who books shows for major orchestras around the world.

Some of the more prominent performers for “Hollywood Revisited” are Joshua Finkel, Jill Burke and Elisa Surmont.

More information about “Hollywood Revisited” can be found at

In addition to “Hollywood Revisited,” Schreiner is also a professor of the piano at Cerritos College.

He has been teaching piano at Cerritos College since 1987.

He has taught at other campuses, such as Santa Monica College and the University of South Florida.

“I have been a piano teacher since 1983.”  Schreiner said.

He has expectations of all his students at all levels.

“My expectation for my students are the same for all levels, that they will dedicate themselves to practicing and to strive to bring the music to life by channeling their emotions through their playing,” Schreiner said.

He sees the piano as a vital instrument.

He has had several of his students go on to four-year universities as piano majors.

“I am quite fond of recordings of Artur Rubenstein and Valdimir Horowitz-they were truly great pianists who not only had amazing technique, but also were gifted in their ability to bring great musicality to their performances,” he said.

He likes the piano for a number of reasons.

“I love the piano as a performance instrument because it has such a huge repertoire and allows one so many possibilities for emotional outpouring.”

He plans to continue to teach for as long as he can.

His career is not only limited to just teaching piano.

He enjoys seeing his students walking out of his classes with a sense of accomplishment.

“What I think I love most about my job here at Cerritos is the joy of seeing people learning to play the piano and leaving my class at the end of the semester with the ability to make music and share it with others. Music is so soul-enriching.”

Ruth Huang, one of Schreiner’s students, said, “Schreiner is a very encouraging instructor.”

He helps me to learn by encouraging me to play my very best, she said.

Schreiner also plays the organ and he played the tuba as a child.