Feldman, Zellen talk at art gallery

Bobby Chichester

The Cerritos College art gallery has artwork on display created by Roni Feldman and Jody Zellen.

Feldman, a graduate of the University of Santa Barbara, made a piece called Rare Sightings, which details his trip to northern California.

“There were several rare animals sighted on the trip, including elephants, seals and condors, so I decided to capture it on canvas with my airbursh,” Feldman said.

Feldman, who focuses on airbrush, is currently finishing his master’s of fine arts degree at Claremont College.

“I have been painting since I was about 3 years-old, so it just came naturally to me,” Feldman said.

Feldman is inspired by light and space artists such as James Torell.

More information on Feldman’s work and his Web site can be found at ronifeldmanfineart.com.

Zellen, who has a master’s of fine arts degree, focuses more on net art.

Net art is more focused on numbers and coding than on actual painting or colors.

Her art involves this, and she also does Flash animations.

One of her prominent pieces is a display that shows unemployment rates from roughly 200 countries.

“I chose to use unemployment because it is something we are all faced with,” Zellen said.

Her art shows a grid and a camera captures the subject.

“My work shows the shadow of the person, and the figures on the screen gather inside the shadow of the person,” she said.

Neither of the artists currently have plans for future work.