Skankers give ska a home in LA

Wendy Solorio

Of all the musical genres making waves in Los Angeles, Ska is probably one of the smallest. Although this style of music does have a following in this city, very few bands have been able to make their rounds at local clubs to get themselves noticed.

The South Central Skankers are proving that ska music also has a place in the L.A. music scene.

The band, formed in 2002, consists of nine members, one of them being trombone player Josie Quintanilla, a Public Administration and Social Work major at Cerritos College.

Along with Quintanilla are Miguel Rodriguez (vocals/guitar) Adam Tamayo(bass) Francisco “Bubba” Rodriguez (drums) Omar Cruz (trombone) Danny Perez (trumpet) Lalo Cruz and Jose Jimenez (saxophone) and Esteban Flores (keyboard).

Formed in Los Angeles, SCS describes their style as a 3rd wave/Mexican wave Ska band. They have toured all over California, and have even gone as far as Tijuana to perform for fans.

As far as what they want for the band and their music is concerned, SCS also share a common goal and have a vision for the future.

“I’d like to see the band tour around the world,” said Quintanilla, “I also want to be able to share our uncommon style of music without selling out.”

The drummer, who bandmates refer to as simply “Bubba” also feels the same.

“Most people in Los Angeles don’t really know what Ska is,” he said, “It’s hard to ‘make it’ with Ska music. But we’d like to show people what we’re about. We’re not just looking to be famous.”

Their latest album titled “Welcome to Lost Angeles” has already gotten attention thanks to websites like and Itunes. The album features fast paced songs both in english and spanish.

Songs like the “Welcome to Lost Angeles” and “Pase Lo Que Pase” give insight to the band’s rebellious and outspoken vibe. The band will be touring their album this upcoming summer.