Cool ‘Cat’ plans on making it’s debut

Laura Chau

The hip-hop duo named Cat hopes to pursue their dreams and expose the world to their art.

Eighteen-year old Daniel Flores, also known as Seven, and 20-year old Christian Lopez, also known as Cat, have been making music together for two years.

The duo, hailing from Downey, use alias’ because they want to be known for their music.

“When we perform,” Seven says, “we’re going to wear cat masks. We don’t want to be famous or for people to know who we are. We just want people to enjoy our music.”

Seven, music major, uses the producing room at Cerritos College to make his beats. While starting off as an electronic dance music DJ, Seven started producing hip-hop beats to accompany the poetry he wrote.

Seven and Cat say they find inspiration for their lyrics from life.

“We usually write about life, anger, everything,” Cat said. “It’s basically like the pen and paper are like a punching bag.”

“We don’t write about cars, money or girls,” Seven adds. “We just write about life’s struggles, you know, your pain, happiness, the real things.”

One of the Cat’s songs, produced by Seven, highlights the negative sentiments he has towards the man who took his friends life.

Their friend, Anthony Barrajas, was gunned down last February after a confrontation.

The song “Days Like This” outlines the night of Barrajas murder and the subsequent emotions Seven took out of it.

With idols such as Tupac Shakur, Jay Morrison, and Daft Punk, they wish for their music to reach out and touch people as these artists have.

They hope to reach people’s emotions with their music.

“I want people to be mad. I want people to know how I see things,” Cat says.

Seven says that’s the main reason why the duo makes music.

He wants the world to see things the way they see things.

That way, their music becomes more than just lyrics and a beat.

“If you were to ever decide to label our music, we wouldn’t be hip-hop, rap, we wouldn’t be anything but art,” Seven says.

“Revolutionary artists!” Cat adds.

Seven hopes to one day throw a hip-hop show in front of the Burnight Theatre, but the details are still pending. For now, the duo continues to write and produce together for more than 20 hours a week.