Piano lecture series returns

Anthony Hodge

The Cerritos College Keyboard Studies Program brings you a concert and lecture series titled, “Do you hear what I hear?” beginning Feb. 25 in BC-51 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Dr. Christine Lopez, director of keyboard studies, said, “I chose the title ‘Do you hear what I hear’ as a means to help students better understand and appreciate the music that is being performed.”

The concert will focus on composer George Bizet and his most famous opera, “Carmen.”

“[George Bizet] was also a very fine pianist and wrote for the piano,” Lopez added. “So, I will also talk about the piano duet ‘Jeux d’enfants.'”

Lopez added that the lectures will provide background information on the composer and compositions that will be performed.

The upcoming concert will also feature piano faculty members Gregg Schreiner, Bruce Russell, and Sung Ae Lee.

“I am extremely excited about this particular performance because it is a rare arrangement for two pianos and eight hands,” Lee said.

“The audience could expect to see an unlimited capacity of piano music,” Lee added.

Schreiner is also excited to be part of this event.

“It is also interesting to watch four pianists’ work together as one unit to bring forth a cohesive performance,” Schrenier added.

Schreiner continued, stating, “We hope we will inspire those who come to perhaps have a better appreciation of Bizet and his music.”

Lee added that the audience should know Bizet and “Carmen” by the end of the show.

Other shows will be on March 18 and April 15, and the concepts of these latter shows will be announced.

All concerts have free admission.