Cerritos College Art Gallery Opening

Photo credit: Carlos Holguin

Photo credit: Carlos Holguin

The Cerritos College Art Gallery is presenting three different and interesting pieces by several artists. The art gallery had its grand opening Monday, February 10.

Artists Hollis Cooper, Connie DK Lane and Meeson Pae Yang are being featured in the Cerritos College Art Gallery until March 14.Each piece gives a different perception of modern art.

The first piece in the main room is “Vergence” by Hollis Cooper. Not only is Cooper a featured artist, she is also a professor from California State University San Bernadino.

Cooper’s art work is based off of virtual architecture.“My work is based on depictions of architecture from video games, 3D chat room spaces that I then turn into drawings and then turn into paintings and animations.” Cooper said.

Cooper then mentioned that she been interested in art since her childhood and encourages everyone to see the show.

Graphic designing major, Alexander Alvidres enjoys the art work because of its almost obscure but interesting presentation. “The art is pretty unique and different from the usual art I see. It’s really catchy,” Alvidres said.

Alvidres enjoyed all the pieces, but appreciates the visual dynamics of Hollis Cooper’s work.

Artist Connie DK Lane definitely caught the crowd’s attention with her project “No Place Like Home”.

The representation of her hometown back in Hong Kong invites the viewers to step into her subconscious mind.

The sculptures are all ominous and are selected pieces that Lane feels are important to her, even if she doesn’t know why.

Lane explains the process of her creation and says “My sculptures are made subconsciously. I make them with my hand and when they are finished I don’t know what it is.

“What triggered this project was the pieces hanging in the backroom that is like a butcher shop. I didn’t know what it was until I made one and hung it up and thought to myself how nice it looked. So I made and hung more and eventually I realized that it looked like the places that I used to visit as a kid in Hong Kong.”

Lane’s project is meant to make the viewers feel uncomfortable as you are able to walk around the piece and even wear traditional meat market worker’s jacket.

“These pieces are my memories. It is not a nice neighborhood. With beggars and the big crowded cities, I was able to present that in the shape of the sculptures. The sculptures are a mix abstraction and representation. They make people ask themselves what they are seeing.” said Lane

Lane moved to the United States about twenty years ago for college to study arts and had been influenced by other foreign artists to work with ceramics.

The Cerritos College Art Gallery will be open for viewing until March 14.