Spring Dance Concert to bring new beginnings

Bengamin Garcia , Opinion Editor

Commencements and new beginnings are what Dance Department chair Janet Sanderson thought of when she worked directing students who will be transferring out of Cerritos College as well as first time performers for the Spring Dance concert.

“This semester we’re all working on powerful pieces,” said Dance major Rebecca Joy Herrera who explained that it will also be Sanderson’s last concert before retirement; according Herrera, this circumstance makes the concert more emotional.

Sanderson commented on the efforts of the dancers saying, “All are working very hard to present an exciting show.”

The director said she hopes the the Cerritos students and campus community see the great joy and spirit of the dance students in the dance department.

She went on to explain the purpose of the event saying, “Through their classes they have acquired an appreciation for technique, the creative process in choreography, group collaboration and performance skills. Coordinating the event with the theater department provides the students with the opportunity to perform in the theater with a professional production staff.”

Herrera added that the biggest difficulty she faced in rehearsal was the time constraint because the spring semester is shorter, “we had fewer weeks to practice and clean our choreography! We’re all working incredibly hard though!”

She stated that there are approximately 75 dance class students participating in the concert, several large group numbers, trios, quartets, and solos; all of which are choreographed by the current dance faculty and students. The CSULB Salsa Dance Team will be performing directed by a dance student.

There will be seven dance works in the first act and six in the second. The program is about 2 hours in duration and spans across many genres of dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, Latin, African and Middle Eastern dance. Students represent all technique levels from beginning through advanced dance classes.

Afraid of “[spoiling Christine Gererna’s] piece,” Herrera only offered that it contrasts greatly from most of the piece’s that are usually choreographed and that Steve Rosa’s Afro-Modern piece is meant to be uplifting and “down to earth.”

She explained that it was inspired by “the idea of [picking] yourself up when you’re down.” She is excited about performing the Afro-Modern piece because of the level of difficulty and how beautiful and moving the choreography is.