Creepy clown hits the big screen


Photo credit: Jose Flores

Jocelyn Torralba

“It” is one of the best horror films of the year. You wouldn’t want to miss this movie, this fall that will leave you haunted for days.

Another Stephen King novel, comes to life and hits the big screen this weekend with a not-so-friendly clown.

Pennywise the clown, played by Bill Skarsgård, torments the children of Derry, Maine and brings their biggest nightmares to reality.

Skarsgård’s role doesn’t start as frightning when approaching his prey, because he lures the kids with toys or balloons.

Besides the horror element in the movie, the sudden humor makes the movie more entertaining when forgetting about the creepy clown.

Other stars of the film besides Pennywise, are a group of unpopular and nerdy kids who deal with bullying and family issues but are always on adventures and are incredibly loyal to each other. The kids are:

  • Eddie, played by Jack Dylan Grazer, is a ‘mama’s boy’
  • Richie played by Finn Wolfhard, is always humorous
  • Stanley played by Wyatt Oleff, is the most frightened of the group
  • Bill played by Jaeden Lieberher, is the serious one

Bill has a stutter he can’t control and is still grieving from a recent family tragedy from his little brother Georgie’s death, played by Jackson Robert Scott, which happened at the beginning and set the tone for the rest of the movie. Bill does not know his little brother is dead; he only assumes he is missing.

It’s the end of the school year in 1988 and these kids are ready to start their summer activities but what they don’t know besides dealing with their obnoxious bullies is that they have to deal with a horrifying clown hunting them down.

The head of the group of bullies is Henry, played by Nicholas Hamilton, who attempts to carve his name into the stomach of the new kid in school Ben, played by Jeremy Ray Taylor. Ben is saved by Bill and ends up joining his group.

Beverly, played by Sophia Lilis, is the only girl that joins the group, who is also bullied at school and is living a nightmare at home with her incestuous her single dad.

Another kid that joins the group is Mike, played by Chosen Jacobs, is homeschooled and lives with his uncle in a sheep farm in town.

The kids discover that ‘It’ is an old circus clown, with red stripes coming from his eyes down his mouth in the form of bleeding tears. The clown lives in the in the town’s sewers and comes out every 27 years to feast on new innocent children and appears to his victims with free-floating red balloons.

The appearance of the clown is based on the biggest fear of each kid and once the group finds out what Pennywise is up to they want to stop it once and for all.

Bill is courageous and determined to go through anything to find his brother so he gets the group together to look for his brother and end the clown’s torment.

Despite the terrifying scenes of the the killer clown and the devastating family loss, the movie had a good sense of humor by showing the nerdy and “loser” side of each of the characters in the group.

The jokes they made during the bad circumstances which made it easy to forget about the clown hunting them down.

Although the ending is not what I imagined, the movie did fulfill my expectations that were set.

Either way I suggest you stay until the end…a surprise awaits for you.