Movie Review: “Rambo Last Blood”

An End of a Popular Franchise

Oscar Torres, Staff Writer

Spoiler Alert!

“Rambo: Last Blood” intended to be the conclusion of the franchise and end of Rambo’s journey, it filled the role well, though added nothing new.

The film released on Sept. 19 and is the fifth film in the “Rambo” franchise.

It tries to tell a story that feels akin to the original films and it does its job really well.

The style of “Rambo: Last Blood” feels much like a modernized 80s film similar to that seen in the first three films, leaving people in suspense and wanting more.

It doesn’t hold back in violence either since this is the most violent film out of the entire franchise.

“Rambo: Last Blood” is set 11 year’s after the events of the fourth film with John Rambo returning back to his father’s horse ranch and living the rest of his life in peace along with looking out for his friend Maria Beltran and her granddaughter Gabrielle who are also living there with him.

Later on Gabrielle tells him that she’s found her father in Mexico with both John and Maria refusing the idea but she goes either way. It ends with her being kidnapped by a Mexican Cartel, which prompts Rambo to go search for her and take his revenge on the cartel.

The first act of the film would feel relatively slow and boring for most people since this is a film about an 80s action hero.

It doesn’t help much that the story has a generic plot-line with the main protagonist trying to save a person that he cares for.

That leads to him finding the person and killing the bad guy, a plot that seems better suited for a television adaptation than movie.

The film does show some forms of racism and xenophobia towards Hispanics and Mexicans showing them in a more murderous and rapist view that is not good to see and is viewed as stereotypical, plus the excessive gore.

The movie doesn’t get intense action pack until the the third act where we finally get to see what made the Rambo films memorable to this day. The action was by far the best part of the film with it feeling akin to that of John Wick and Metal Gear Solid with all of its stealth kills and over the top action scenes.

Which is surprising to see Sylvester Stallone do all of these stunts and at 73, its good to see that he’s still got it even after all these years.

Stallone manages to show how intense and dramatic he can be when he’s in the camera. He emphasizes his character and shows how much growth he went through during the entirety of the four sequels.

If people are sensitive to stereotypes and depictions of other races then this film isn’t for them, however if they’re looking for a great action flick with lots of action and violence then this is the film for them.

Fans of the original four films would get a kick out of this and a decent way to close out the franchise.

If people want to watch over the top action scenes then “Rambo: Last Blood” is definitely the film for it.