A Day in the Life of Luis: Learning to leave yesterday as yesterday

Luis Lemus, Co-sports editor

While the muscularity might never be there, I will always strive for it.

Whether “it” is, in the gym or in the classroom.

Remembering being in the gym, struggling with the weight I once would, “not even waste my time with,” before and to even be struggling to raise was a huge piece of humble pie I was not ready for.

Truth be told, many expletives and frustration was apparent but the personal trainer, one of my best friends, patted me on the shoulder and said, “good job, Luis.”

He followed up with asking me, “What is wrong?”

I replied with saying, “before this shit, I would lift 330 for reps,” shaking my head mad as can be.

His response was one that I will never forget.

He said, “That was the old you. This is you now. Let the past stay there, you are too busy working on your self in the now.”

Let that be your approach now.

And it’s true: I cannot get hung up with yesterday when today, and hopefully tomorrow, have so much to offer.

I mean hell, this is the third attempt at passing a transferable math course.

Did I just drop it all in the first attempt saying “screw it,” after getting an F, after meeting with my instructor and having a B.

At that time addressing the fact that I’ve felt on I was sleeping as far as not understanding the new concepts and her telling me “not to worry”?

Did I throw the hands up saying “nah no more,” after with a second professor I was getting the same end result? The appropriate answer is no, I didn’t.

But I would be lying if the words weren’t screwing with my summer. It is supposed to be a time for fun and relaxing, and not to worry about taking it again in the fall.

So here we are in the third attempt to transfer out of the campus. It is not due to having any grudges but rather that I feel I have accomplished everything that I can achieve at Cerritos College.

I can and I will pass in this third attempt at jumping ship to greener pastures.

I know it’s time and I am going to either lick my chops just thinking about that next step or licking wounds come May 22. I prefer to be doing this former.

This is all to repeat as one of my best friends broke it down: don’t focus on the yesterday; focus on the now and what you can do today.

12 weeks to get through Falcons. We can do this.