A Day in the Life of Luis: If you don’t use it, you lose it


Rebecca Aguila

“A Day in the Life of Luis” is a weekly personal column written by Luis Lemus.

Luis Lemus, Co-Sports Editor

Thinking of the old saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it“ immediately makes one laugh with memories of Steve Carell asking in a scene out of The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Although this time it is related to walking.

One who is able to do so without any hesitation might not bat an eye at the thought of “practicing walking” since they are able to do so with their eyes closed.

But it’s definitely not the case for those who do have to practice to maintain the leg strength to support oneself while holding onto a grab bar to support the body and stay upright while making it to the room on the other side of the wall.

This week, although short so far as it’s only Wednesday morning as of the time of writing, as it is only midweek one has “hit the deck” involuntarily on two occasions and thus needed a hand to get back to the original goal is or was.

There are the bars, only they are reinforced into the cement.

So you may think that “well then why aren’t ya using them?”

The answer is one you already know.

Having an autoimmune disease, family does treat one at this time with a “kid glovesapproach.

While yes their concern is only to keep the house and you as safe as possible. But put it face mask on and let me do my practice.

Doing so will not only help me but hopefully help you by staying upright and reaching the destination safely.

Making friends with the floor, “telling it my secrets” as I refer to taking a bad step ending with me eating pavement and needing assistance from someone after someone hears the thud as I hit the floor.

Don’t like needing to get help with getting back on the two feet to get to the intended destination.

Having to rely on the assistance from others is appreciated but in one’s head, one can’t help but think to themselves, “What the hell happened? What went wrong this time?”

To think that just yesterday a summary of payments for medications came is shocking and laughable, perhaps more so than the Steve Carell quote.

It’s in excess of three thousand dollars a month for the medication that doesn’t help me!

But, like a fool, I keep taking it with the hope of it magically starting to work.

So Carell, at least in the case of walking the answer is yes, if you don’t use it you will lose it.