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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

Talon Marks

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A Day in the Life of Luis: Why am I still here?

Rebecca Aguila
“A Day in the Life of Luis” is a weekly personal column written by Luis Lemus.

Why am I still here?

That damn Math class.

But what brought me here?

Well, one day at Long Beach Memorial Hospital I was watching TV with my dad. “Primer Impacto” was hammering right after a soccer game, and for some reason I was watching.

After watching a segment on “disabled students” prospering in the community college environment I figured, “what do I have to lose?”

I knew I couldn’t return to the life of climbing poles while wearing a Bucksqueeze or carrying an 80-lb ladder on the shoulder to condition Icky pick were all over.

But it’s certainly not until the first year I kept receiving so much praise from classmates and professors alike I thought “either my collars being yanked or they’re being nice, doing their one good deed for the day for the disabled person ( who was using a walker at the time).”

Either way it was appreciated

It’s summer now, taking an empty English class that once again was praise for my composition and “way with words” as one classmate told me that it made me feel like “okay that’s the second time in two semesters.”

Maybe “feeling myself” for a moment but not letting it get to me.

Then came the Fall, facing English 101 and the final exam was writing a five-page essay about 1800’s China.

It felt like a bigger feat than climbing the wall itself but I gave myself a month to get all I needed to get the paper completed, ending the class on a high note.

So the professor kindly asks me to come to her office the following day.

Paraphrasing the professor who was ecstatic and asked If I ever considered early being a professor.

I told her I had not, to which she replied back:

“Well Luis, I think you have a gift with essays, projects and for turning your term papers in on time without my pleading.

“Perhaps teaching online might be of your interest?“

I told her never had it crossed my mind, and in my own head I thought to myself I already know my major.

That semester I earned the first of what would be four times on the honor roll.

After taking a tour of the transfer school I ultimately decided on going to, I was in the Journalism 100 class and I found this class as the one that would be the one to hang the coat on.

Why I’m still here.

That damn math class.

How can you go from a B+ to fail on what was supposed to be the day of commencement?

Who knows, but in reality it was a blessing in disguise attending Cerritos yet again due to that class and it was as if “catching a Second wind” being a staff writer for Talon marks, being part of a new team and come the end of the semester, becoming the sports co-editor.

This semester hasn’t even finished yet but I am thankful for everyone’s help this semester from my aides to the editors to the professors who, without them, I wouldn’t be here.

I thank you all and only less than 3 weeks to go, Falcons. Time to finish off strong.


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About the Contributors
Luis Lemus
Luis Lemus, Co-Sports Editor
Luis is very big on baseball and tries to attend as many games as he can when there are no classes, of course. When he is not in class or attending a baseball game, he enjoys listening to music, specifically Hip-Hop and Banda. Specifically Banda MS, Banda La Adictiva and Banda El Recodo.
Rebecca Aguila
Rebecca Aguila, Multimedia Editor
Rebecca Aguila is the currently Multi-media editor and is a 22-year-old student who is majoring Journalism who is set to graduate Spring 2021. Her dream is to create a multi-media production company that is internationally available for an array of content creators. She is a lover of all types of food and will eventually be the creator and producer of food documentary series that highlights the authentic dishes throughout the world.
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A Day in the Life of Luis: Why am I still here?