A Day in the Life of Luis: Thank you, MS


Rebecca Aguila

“A Day in the Life of Luis” is a weekly personal column written by Luis Lemus.

Luis Lemus

Dealing with the virus while trying to keep as busy as I can, one does eventually get to the point of running out of articles and interviews.

I told this to my friend that asked me, “Why don’t you start a journal?” It would be on the phone but a journal, nonetheless.

Do I get an app? Do I start a YouTube channel? Do I revive my Medium account?

This column does the job for now but what happens past finals week? To what do I turn to?

As I have said, this’ll do for now. Of course I can always go the Abe Simpson route but then people will start to wonder what the hell is wrong with me, so that option is off the table.

I think maybe it’s going to be Medium since I would sound terrible on a YouTube channel and I don’t trust some of the apps out there to put my innermost thoughts on.

For example, I definitely do appreciate the MS putting me back in school where I should have been but I hate the fact that it has taken my legs from me for the most part.

I hate it because it’s taken away the ability to climb the pole and walk in the pool in a straight line. But I love the fact that it brought me back to school, graduating from Cerritos College this semester as I transfer to the school I have dreamed about for the last two years, Cal State Fullerton.

I may have my moments of complaining about you, but thanks to you, I appreciate things so much more than I used to.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the life I want for myself, the life that many people always expected from me since I was a kid.

It may have taken a lot longer than anyone expected but I do appreciate all of your patience.

As the old saying goes, “better late than never,“ right?

Let me get straight to the point: Thank you, MS.

Although we have little battles between ourselves, I do appreciate you for righting the ship in so many ways beyond any words can describe.

Thank you, MS.