Student artist Woolen follows her passion for music

“Baby it’s up to you, will you love me forever? Or is there someone new? so many years, and so many tears, my friends think I’m crazy for, but I still have faith in you. I’m still holding on baby you done me wrong.” These are lyrics to the single “Up to you” by Coco Danja, that can be found on iTunes.

Fifty people purchased her song on iTunes and she has received 500 views on YouTube.

Melinda Woolen, who performs under the name Coco Danja, attends Cerritos College and is majoring in child development and minoring in music.

She has performed at places such as the House of Blues and the Key Club and has released her first CD, “Ratchet 101” in September of 2012 in which she wrote her own lyrics.

“My mom plays the flute, she’s always been in a band but singing is something I always wanted to do on my own,” Woolen said.

She has been inspired by her mom and decided to take the music industry to a different level. A level in which her voice will be heard by the public.

Woolen comes from a big family of five, being the middle child. She says she is the one that’s been more focused on music and has passion for it while both her brother and sister rap.

She has been the one who has more passion for the music industry.

Woolen has been singing professionally for three years and has sang in a church choir.

Choir taught her to sing, and how to arrange her voice.

Although it was a church choir, the skills she learned were helpful for her future.

“She is very dedicated with her music and all her projects. She is doing a t-shirt line for plus size women,” Kevin Owens, a fellow artist said.

Owens helps Woolen with shows and together they have done a mix tape that will be released on May 3.

“She has been quite successful,” Brandy Jones, Woolen’s cousin, said.

Her music is also now being sold on iTunes, and is available to listen to through Google, Amazon and iHeart Radio.