‘Resident Evil’ Showcase: Celebrating 25 years of RE


Capcom Unity/Capcom, Co, Ltd.

“Resident Evil Village” is a horror/action game and is the 8th sequel to the series. Players get to control Ethan(protagonist of RE7) as he goes through the castle in search of his daughter. Photo credit: Capcom Unity/Capcom, Co., Ltd.

Oscar Torres, Arts and Entertainment Co-Editor

With the “Resident Evil” series celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2021, it is no surprise that a couple of new games would be in the works celebrating the series. The Resident Evil Showcase has come and gone, with the stream announcing games coming later this year and updates on the upcoming RE movie.

The first major announcement was another trailer for the upcoming sequel to the series “Resident Evil Village”, showing off how the game looks as well as more detail on not only the world but the villains and story.

After the trailer, Pete Fabiano, the producer of “RE: Village,” announced that the game will be coming May 7,on the next-gen consoles as well as current-gen platforms. A free upgrade to the digital PS5 version and Xbox Smart Delivery will also be available for the game.

Fabiano also mentions that the digital deluxe version will include in-game items that call back to “RE: Biohazard.” The collectors edition will include a statue of Chris Redfield, a steel bookcase, a poster, and everything from the digital deluxe edition.

After the release date announcement, Fabino demoed first-look gameplay of “RE: Village” captured on a PlayStation 5.

The game is in first person, just like in RE7, carrying over similar mechanics.

The visuals of the game is gorgeous, with every piece of furniture, interior design and particle effect looking very realistic. Character models look fantastic as well, being realistic and not uncanny looking.

Combat is similar to the last game but with a new feature where if you guard an attack, the player can push a button in order to push enemies away, leaving the player some room to either run away or attack.

Item management in this game is the same as “Resident Evil 4” where players can organize items so Ethan can best carry them on his journey.

The merchant from RE4 also returns, now known as “The Duke.” He’s the shop in this game where players can buy, upgrade or sell items in exchange for coins.

Breaking stuff in this game can find some items to use like gun powder or healing herbs.

Side quests and puzzles will be included in RE8 and there are plenty of them around the castle in order to progress the game further.

An exclusive PS5 demo of the game will be available on Jan 21. Instead players controlling Ethan, they will control a character called “The Maiden.” This demo will feature no combat or blocking.

Another demo will be available to all platforms this spring.

Tsuyoshi Kanda, the producer for RE8, showed off what to expect for “Resident Evil’s” 25th Anniversary, celebrating the Japan release in Mar. 22, 1996.

Kanda previewed a brand new game titled “RE: VERSE,” a battle royale-style game where players can control characters from the remake games in a free-for-all multiplayer battle.

The game will be free to anyone who purchases “Resident Evil: Village” with more news on the way in the coming months.

The last announcement from Capcom was a crossover with “The Division 2” where in-game costumes and items will be appearing in that game, along with more details on the 3D CGI “Resident Evil” movie titled “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.”

The movie will be available worldwide exclusively on Netflix but no release date has been announced.

Capcom wanted to celebrate Resident Evil’s anniversary with a bang and it seems fans of the series will be enjoying a lot of things in the coming months.

Click here to learn more about “RE: Village” and to check out more info later down the line head on to their Twitter.