Dr. Dre is finally back

August 19, 2015

Kept you waiting long?

After 16 years of waiting, Dr. Dre has finally released an album, but not Detox.

Dre has instead released “Compton The Soundtrack”. This album is not only great, but the album yells west coast from start to finish.

“Compton The Soundtrack” has a total of 16 tracks, one of which is an intro track, which basically sets up the album and the theme.

Each track is booming! Coming with great hard pounding bass jumping beats that Dre is known for.

For example, the first track ‘Talk About It’ featuring King Mez and Justsus, has one bass pounding beat that makes you just want to get up and start to jump and dance everywhere as soon as you hear it.

Dre did a great job at making this album feel west coast with dab of some old school, but still up to date with this generations hip-hop sound.

The track ‘Animal’ is a great example. The track has a distinct old school yet almost G-funk sounding instrumentals and vocals. However, the track ‘Talk About It’ has a distinguishable modern and almost club bumping sound all thanks to its bass and delivery of the two verses that both Dre and King Mez has on the song.

Some of the tracks that stand out are ‘Talk About It,’ ‘Animal,’ ‘Genocide,’ ‘Darkside/Gone,’ ‘Medicine Man’ and the best track on the album ‘Deep Water.’

‘Deep Water’ is the best track simply because it has one of the hardest beats in the whole album with a nasty bass and a chorus that screams out Compton. Not only that, but Dre delivers some of his best verses throughout the album and that Kendrick Lamar verse is just fire.

No album is perfect and even though Dre delivered for the most part, there were two tracks that just did not match the caliber of the rest; those tracks were ‘Loose Cannons’ and ‘Issues.’

These tracks weren’t necessarily bad because Xzibit has a good verse on ‘Loose Cannons,’ However, they just weren’t memorable enough for you feel something like the track ‘Medicine Man’ made you feel.

That song by the way, had an Eminem verse that was hellfire with a loud hard bass that played over his vocals.

“Compton The Soundtrack,” is by far one of the best hip-hop albums of 2015 and even though it took 16 years for Dr. Dre to release an album, it was worth the wait.

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