Confessions of a Mastermind

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, known professionally as Logic released his seventh studio album ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ which highlights the ups and downs as long as the struggles of being a rapper and dealing with all the problems that come along with it.

This album has listeners bumping this album on repeat as it is a window into Logic’s mind how he sees himself and his flaws and paints images of how he has battled his demons.

Logic throughout the album name drops many artists in the industry who he looks up to and helped him through the hard times.

He also has many features with artists he looks up to and admires throughout the album.

Many artists in the rap game have criticized Logic for rapping about how biracial he was and his struggle growing up in a section 8 household, but he takes a stand in multiple songs saying it’s what fuels his music and it made him who he is today.

Depression and anxiety is mentioned a lot throughout the album. Logic mentions that if fans and internet trolls where to leave MC’s alone that there would be less overdoses and suicides from artists because so many artists use drugs and alcohol as a way to escape from the criticism of their craft that they work so hard to craft.

Logic brought up some touchy subjects and people who he had beefed with in the past such as Charlamagne tha God and how he had asked Logic in an interview back in 2014, who was the man that raped his sister and to Logic is a question that is too personal to ask.