Penny Press: Top Five Last-Minute Date Ideas

Jose Flores

If you haven’t planned anything for Valentine’s Day at this point you’re either not going to celebrate it or you’re screwed and not in a good way.

Although this holiday is targeted towards romantically involved people, going out on a date should be enjoyed by everyone.

Listed here are the top five last minute dates that can be enjoyed by a couple, whether they’re romantically involved or not, or by a group of people.

Classic: Dinner and a Movie

If over-the-top or creative gestures aren’t your specialty, you can never go wrong with dinner and a movie.

Recently this date idea has gotten a lot of flack because going to the theater doesn’t let people talk to each other.

But let’s be honest, having a phone keeps people from talking to each other face-to-face more than being at a cinema.

However, a group of people participating in an art form is great because it can lead to deeper conversations.

And since the concession stands are way to pricey, getting dinner before the movie is great way to fight the urge to splurge on the expensive snacks.

Zoo, Aquariums and/or Museums

Forget the memories you have of going on field trips to zoos or museums in grade school because nothing ruins good times like awkward, pubescent memories.

Experience these places as adults with other people and enjoy learning something you won’t need in your everyday life.

Imagine your social media posts for that day — your friends/followers will be seeing something new.

Target Run

Even though Target can be substituted for any other store (Home Depot, Staples, etc.) the idea is the same — adventures while window shopping.

This one is fun because you don’t really have to spend money to enjoy yourself.

There’s so many things to do: pick out your favorite movies, test the cameras on display, try on clothes, play in the toy aisles or read some funny Hallmark cards.

Plan a scavenger hunt inside the store with friends, just don’t harass the employees.

Game Night

Although this one is more fun with more people it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Having a game night with friends and/or family is a great way to get multiple involved in this very exclusionary holiday.

Host a small get-together with food, drinks and let the theme be BYOBG (Bring Your Own Board Game).

Netflix and Chill

Disclaimer: streaming service can be any website and this date idea does not have to end with sex.

Sometimes staying in for the night can be best for multiple reasons: tired of public interactions, skinny wallet, non-existent car in driveway, etc.

In the old days people would say, ‘pop in a movie in the DVD player,’ but today we say, ‘Alexa, log in to Netflix and show me comedies.’

Entertainment is at the push of a button, a touch of a screen or a voice command, all without having to leave the comfort of your home.

And because you’ll finish your snack before deciding what to watch, it is recommended you decide ahead of time.

So there it is, the top five date ideas for people who need last-minute activities for Valentine’s Day or any other event after that.

Make some of these ideas your own by substituting them with your interests — dinner and mini golf, JCPenny run, game afternoon, for example.

And a bit more advice — tiny succulents as gifts are just as romantic, it’s less stressful to buy condoms than dealing with accidental pregnancy and/or STDs and stores put their holiday-themed candy on sale the next day.