Interview with Jeremy Ramos and Jose Hernandez

Daniel Suarez Jr.

Jose Hernandez: So when I first heard the news about classes going online I was kinda disappointed, sad, because I got to communicate with so many of my friends and we didn’t get our chance to say our final goodbyes in person. That was like our last time seeing each other. With going online, it’s so different. It made me lose interaction with some of my peers because it’s not the same when you go to back to campus like “hey! how are you?” and the next day you see each other again. This online world is a difficult process especially with different schedules. You never know when classes will be synchronous or online.

Jeremy Ramos: So definitely seeing how impacted the whole school was, in terms of having to reduce the budget requests in terms of figuring out how the money was gonna be allocated dealing with the constitution and the by-laws. It definitely made me realize that there’s so much going on on campus that people didn’t know how affected we were. Now that we’re slowly getting out of it, that’s something I wanted everyone to know. There’s a lot on campus there’s always a possibility of being involved and anything is possible if you really want it.