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Video: “Black Adam” review

The person on the right is Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who starred in the movie Black Adam and was created back in 2014. Photo credit: AntMan3001
The person on the right is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who starred in the movie “Black Adam” and was created back in 2014. Photo credit: AntMan3001

Samuel Chacko: What up, what up, y’all, my name is Samuel Chacko and I’m the Editor-in-Chief for Talon Marks.

Samuel Carey: My name is Samuel Carey, the Staff/Editor of Talon Marks, as well as the Arts and Entertainment editor.

I feel like saying…

Samuel Chacko: Arts and Entertainment Editor

Samuel Carey: All right, we’re going to get right to it with our review for the movie “Black Adam.”

I don’t know why I like doing it here, but yeah, “Black Adam,” if you guys haven’t seen a superhero movie, DC-based with the actor Dwayne The Rock, Johnson did an excellent, review. Excuse me, not a review, he did an excellent job during this project.

I believe that this was, caught me by surprise because it was my first time seeing him as a superhero or, as I say, a supervillain in the film.

He has great powers, similar to the powers of Shazam. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie or read the comic books, he has a similar power. This was years, years before him.

And in a nutshell, I’m not going to say too much [for those who haven’t actually seen the film] even though the Rock actually spoiled it.

[Both Sam’s laugh]

Samuel Chacko and Samuel Carey

Samuel Carey: He’s a villain and he uses his powers, you can say, for evil. But people don’t know a story all the way. So, one can say he’s a villain. Some, like his own people, say he’s a hero. Sam, what do you think?

Samuel Chacko: Honestly, I’m going to warn everybody here. There might be spoilers coming. So some of the plot, things like that.

But for Dwayne the Rock Johnson, as an actor, I thought you did a pretty good job, usually like some of the films that he does is pretty good.

Samuel Carey: It’s okay

Samuel Chacko: When you think of things like “Jumanji” did a decent job on that, he did okay.

Samuel Carey: He was alright.

Samuel Chacko: But this one, I’m not a big movie person. I’m not a big on DC or that kind of like action movie. I’m not a big fan of it. Usually, it’s like the good guy wins, the bad guy.

This is kind of a case not to spoil too much kind of the case on this film. But honestly, I think it’s a good film and sleep through it, like most films.

But yeah, I think I think it’s a really good job with the acting, especially like when it comes to like when you act with like different characters and different roles.

Samuel Carey: Yeah.

Samuel Chacko: He did a really good job with that. There’s like foreshadowing occasionally with like when he talks to the kid in the beginning, but things like that.

So I think he did a good job with it. He worked with people very well.

It’s the Rock, he’s going to work with people very well.

Samuel Carey: So like, for example, when he works with Pierce Brosnan, aka 007 in my generation, he did like me, I’m not much of a DC fan, and I’m on team Marvel, like for me.

But when I saw it, I was like, ‘you know what, this is actually quite good’ because I thought, yeah, just as you said, I thought it was like a typical superhero, bad villain.

Girl gets kidnapped, somebody kidnapped, you say.

Samuel Chacko: Super Mario.

Samuel Carey: Right and then eventually as I was going to say, but like I said before, and I have to say too much sometimes. Yeah. The superhero doesn’t always wear a cape, you know what I mean.

You don’t get the happy ending as much as you want to. But I will say the action made me glued to the TV because it was quite amazing. It’s nonstop fighting back and forth back.

And I’m like, oh okay. Yeah, this was something good, though. This is something that people wanted to see.

Even those Rotten Tomatoes gave it 40 percent.

Samuel Chacko: When it comes to the critics, the critics are not very big of a fan of it.

Samuel Carey: Right. Yeah.

Samuel Chacko: When it’s the audience, 90 percent, which is good. It’s pretty good.

Samuel Carey: But in terms of that though, the fighting I will say, as I am, he was similar to the powers of superpowers.


I’m sorry I meant Superman but it was just incredible. But personally, I feel like when you have that dark side and you’re that main person you want to see, he [Black Adam] shows no mercy. I’m just going to say that.

There was a lot of ruthless killing. Well, you know, you’ve got to expect that in villain-type movies. I don’t care if it was a spoiler. I’m not going to say who dies or, you know, I’ve said such and such now may get hurt, but it was a lot of killing to imagine if it was a rated R movie, oh my gosh.

Both Sam’s: It would’ve been crazy.

Samuel Carey: Because the only Rated R film that was a superhero movie that I believe was the first to be done.

Samuel Chacko: Was it “Deadpool?”

Samuel Carey: Yeah. I was going to say “Logan,” but you were right. Yeah, “Deadpool” was the first one and “Logan” was the second.

But yeah, that surprised me because I’m like, wow, X-Man is really saying the F word.

That’s weird to me. It’s crazy to me, though, too. But, yeah. “Black Adam” good review.

Like, in our opinion, it was a good film though too.

The actress that played as a superhero, Cyclone if I’m not mistaken. Quintessa Swindell is, an amazing actress. I’m just going to say that. An amazing actress, in the future, get at me.

Samuel Chacko: But yeah, it kind of goes back to, I guess, the action scenes. The action scenes were pretty good. I agree with Sam.

They’re really good, especially with, like, the effects and like the gruesomeness, surprisingly, was actually like not a rated R, maybe PG-13 occasionally.

But yeah, I feel like it was really good, too. I was surprised that, like a lot of the “innocent,” killings and kind of like the plot where the superheroes are fighting “Black Adam” and eventually having to, like, assemble.

I thought it was okay, like, it’s not it’s kind of like the average thing.

But when you look, this was a film that I watched, I think a decent long time ago.

I think it was “Batman versus Superman,” God awful, God awful.

Samuel Carey: I don’t even want to see it.

Samuel Chacko: Yeah, it was God-awful. I watched. I was like, it’s so bad.

Samuel Carey: [Laughs in the background]

Samuel Chacko: This is it’s like so it was so horrible. So like compared to that, it’s amazing.

But like when you think about it, like the fighting was pretty good, like that’s what you kind of expected when you think of like Superman and Batman, like you’re expecting like that.

But I’m telling you, it does not disappoint. The movies were really good. The actors really work well, especially even like even when it’s centered from “Black Adam,” which shows different perspectives.

It shows like the family, not to get too into detail. But to show some of the family that was kind of part of the history that was going on.

Also, even the characters that initially fought Black Adam.

I guess, kind of sort of main characters in a sense.

Samuel Carey: Yeah. You can say, you know, supporting cast members. But, you know,

Samuel Chacko: They held their own.

Samuel Carey: Yeah, it was still like exactly what they played. It was the major part of it was never like a dull moment, though, moment in the film. So it was actually quite good, though, too.

Samuel Chacko: And I guess in the dull moments, even with that, it’s building up the story. Right. Even in the beginning, not going to give too much in the beginning, but it’s kind of building up and building up.

And there’s like foreshadowing with it, too. Like it goes back to the getting to like like you said before.

Samuel Carey: Yeah, exactly. So a lot of the actors in the film, as we both said before, they did their part; the acting was on point.

I never was once mad, as I usually do get in some superhero film, I’m just like, “all right man, we just got like 90 more minutes when somebody after that I’m Gone.”

But this one stuck out to me to imagine if “Black Adam” or I should say, Dwayne Johnson had a beard. I don’t know why, but I felt like if you are a supervillain and you have a beard and you are bald, no one’s seeing you [no one’s stopping you], you know, because you lost everything here, you don’t care anymore.

Samuel Chacko: Yeah, you got nothing to lose.

Samuel Carey: You’re like yeah, I’m going to be like a ruthless villain but yeah.

But other than that though, he had a clean shave. But is that aight’ though. Yeah, you did your thing though Dwayne, if you do see this.

Samuel Chacko: I guess, do you have any final thoughts on “Black Adam,” what they should do in a future, where you see superhero movies, like in five to ten years?

Samuel Carey: Okay, well five to ten years. Yeah, I would hope that my theory would come to life that they would do like a little crossover…

Samuel Chacko: They’re two different companies though right?

Samuel Carey: Yeah, that is true. Very much true. But just think about all the different possibilities. We could just hope for the best though.

So, I hope his name does eventually die out. I hope that people still like he’s the main talked-about superhero for maybe like a year or two.

Because, when that Marvel movie came out last year, I think it was last December, that was the most talked of.

If they’re making memes already

Samuel Chacko: Like about Thanos? You know it’s a good movie.

Samuel Carey: You win the game, but, you know, hopefully, this doesn’t become a flop. And so far, in my opinion, it has not.

So in the future, I hope to see much, much more of a “Black Adam.”

Samuel Chacko: I guess my final thought is like I’m pretty happy that they actually took time and effort to build a character.

And it’s not just like a shell or like something to promote something.

They actually genuinely cared about this film. They built out the plot, they built out a character that’s genuinely interesting and that shows a lot of flaws, not just like one or two flaws would like.

Oh, like Superman whose flaw is kryptonite. It’s his only flaw.

Samuel Carey: Yeah.

Samuel Chacko: It’s like it’s hard to gravitate towards that. But yeah, like Sam said, I hope they build onto this because this is a really good series regardless of what, like the stupid critics have to say about it.

It’s pretty good, it’s a good film in my opinion. I’m not big like, I said before earlier, I’m not a big marvel or a superhero, even a movie person. This was a good film.

Samuel Carey: You should be.

Samuel Chacko: Yeah, I should be. But yeah, like it’s a really good film. I hope they build to this. They hope to continue this.

They have something interesting they could continue off of and not like I said, not to give too much, Superman probably partially to do with “Shazam” too.

Samuel Carey: If you’re in the DC Universe, you’re going to eventually run into them, whether you like it or not.

But yeah, in closing, this is Sam, excuse me, the black Sam, Arts and Entertainment, Talon Marks.

Samuel Chacko: This is Indian Sam, Editor-in-Chief and we’re signing off, peace!

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Samuel Chacko, Editor in Chief
Samuel Chacko is the Editor-in-Chief for Talon marks covering sports, politics, news and opinion. Sam enjoys playing video games, watching sports and music. Samuel is hoping to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in 2023 and work for a prestigious Journalism outlet one day. Contact [email protected] to meet with him and for news tips.
Samuel Carey, Co-Community Editor
Samuel Carey is Co-Community Editor  for Talon Marks and is energetic to report the news of communities. Carey appreciates watching T.V. listening to jazz and hip-hop and wishes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in Summer 2023 and wants to open his own national syndicated radio station.
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Video: “Black Adam” review