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Week 6 top 10 NFL power rankings

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray scrambles for a first down against Los Angeles Rams linebacker Kenny Young in the second quarter at SoFi Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021 in Inglewood, California. (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

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Matthew Ramirez: What’s going on guys it’s Matthew Ramirez here from Talon Marks newspaper here on Cerritos College and I’m here to bring you the top ten power rankings for the NFL through six weeks of play


Matthew Ramirez: At number 10 I’ve got the Titans they recently just competed with another team on the list here and it was a great showing out Derrick Henry is the best running back in football without a doubt as the Titans are able to topple the bills and make it into the top ten they got a pretty good offense mostly running through Derrick Henry but offense is showing signs of light with receivers in Julio Jones and AJ Brown they are continuing to be a top team in their division


Matthew Ramirez: At number 9 I’ve got the Chargers they recently just came off of a nasty defeat to the Baltimore Ravens but Justin Herbert is still that dude they got a great flowing offense their defense could use a little bit of work but they are still in my top 10


Matthew Ramirez: At number 8 we got the Kansas City Chiefs that just came off of a win against the Washington football team fans were kind of questioning their play throughout the first half that they were losing trailing 13 to 10 but ended up winning the game and still in my top 10


Matthew Ramirez: At number 7 I have the Dallas Cowboys a recently just came off of a win against the New England Patriots facing rookie Mac Jones listen these Cowboys are really good Trevon Diggs through six games has had seven interceptions and the defense as long as they can gel together and play to their potential I feel like this team has a real chance of making the Super Bowl


Matthew Ramirez: At number 6 we have got the Packers and Aaron Rodgers is just a bad man. This man is leading his team to success after suffering a week 1 loss. They’ve won five straight and come in at number six on my power rankings.


Matthew Ramirez: At number five we’ve got the Ravens as they had a dominant showing against the Chargers Lamar Jackson is an MVP candidate without a doubt he is single-handedly lead this team to success at a 5-1 record on the year for the Ravens Lamar Jackson is also a top rusher in the league but he’s not even a running back he is a quarterback and he is just doing it throwing the ball running the ball he is doing it all for the Ravens.


Matthew Ramirez: At number four I’ve got the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady is just on a whole other level Tom Brady is playing the best football arguably that he’s played in his 20 + year career and Antonio Brown Mike Evans Chris Godwin you got plenty of targets to catch the ball defense needs to gel and work together a little bit as they are a bottom ranked defense in the league due to injuries and play but look out for them.


Matthew Ramirez: At number three I have got the Los Angeles Rams I think that they are a very oiled machine on both ends of the ball defense and offense Jalen Ramsey is the best corner in the NFL you have got Matthew Stafford absolutely dining the ball out to Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp and them boys I think they are a real threat in the NFC.


Matthew Ramirez: At number 2 I’ve got the Bills I still think that after their heart crushing defeat against the Titans I still feel that they are the best team in the AFC they are the team to beat Josh Allen is an MVP candidate they are a well oiled machine on offense their defense is really good showing signs of life but look out for them over the next couple of weeks here.


Matthew Ramirez: And at number 1 I have the best team in the NFL the cardinals if you would’ve told me through 6 straight weeks that the cardinals would be 6-0 I would not have believed you Kyler Murray is showing out in a different level he is linking up Deandre Hopkins, Rodale Moore, Christian Kirk and the defense is a great piece to their team and a huge part of their success becoming 6-0 the best team in the NFL as of right now.


Matthew Ramirez: And that will do it for me here my name is Matthew Ramirez of Talon Marks thank you for joining me today.

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Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez, Co-Sports Editor
Matthew Ramirez is a journalism major and Co-Sports Editor for Cerritos College’s newspaper Talon Marks. He plans to transfer to a Cal State but is undecided on which to attend. He enjoys watching sports, collecting trading cards, and binge watching cartoons. Matthew hopes to cover one of his favorite sports teams in the future in either broadcasting work or covering the team behind the scenes.
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Week 6 top 10 NFL power rankings