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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Cerritos College • Norwalk, Calif.

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Video: Talking Stage episode 2 – Hitting the campus

Diana: Hi I’m Diana

Sophia: Hi I’m Sophia

Diana: And this is the continuation of our podcast titled the talking stage, So where we left off was me being banned from Tinder. I don’t know why I got banned from Tinder *Laughs* to be honest I don’t know. So Tinder if you’re watching unban me please.

Sophia: Oh you’re still banned?

Diana Yes, * Both Laugh*they don’t unban you. I’m assuming it’s because I would get asked questions if I’m real, they thought I was a catfish. I look so normal, why would I be catfishing there’s so many other people to catfish as. But yeah one day I clicked on the app and I was banned.

Sophia: I mean but you’re not missing out on much. Tinder is like dirty.


Diana: I’m done with dating apps they’re not the vibe, everyone just wants to hook up or they don’t message you and on Bumble I don’t like messaging first I’m not gonna do it I’m sorry and hinge.


Sophia: I mean Hinge is cool I mean I’m done with all dating apps but hinge was the least like come have sex with me *laughs* you know it wasn’t like that.

Diana: Like if you’re on tinder then all you want is sex.

Sophia: Aw I wish I still had screen shots, oh wait you know what I think I do.

Diana: I don’t know men are I get it though I can see why they think dating apps are like a quick hookup they can be there’s a lot of girls on there that just want to hook up but it’s the way they go about it they’re so aggressive and it’s like ew why are you so aggressive for.

Diana: Read it out loud for them *Laughs* Oh they asked for your venmo girl I would have sent it right away

Sophia: Yea but what the fuck is that.

Diana: Okay I’m going to read it for her.

Sophia: I cannot say those words.

Diana: So they messaged her Gorgeous what’s your venmo 6’2 if that matters with the emoji *laughs* I’m sorry the audacity, are you not embarrassed, did you read that back okay, How recent has it been since you’ve been dicked down and how big was he. Why do you want to know how big he is are you gay like ew.

Sophia: Yeah after that I deleted the app I was like yeah that’s it for me.

Diana: You know what you should’ve sent your venmo, maybe he would have sent you money.

Sophia: I’ll do that tomorrow

Diana: You should, Hooking up is okay. I’m not saying that it’s bad it’s the way they come about it.

Sophia: They’re so sucios.

Diana: yeah like so dirty, there’s a way to ask to hookup and I bet guys are gonna say girls have it so easy but no.

Sophia: Wait, how easy what is?

Diana: Like to get with girls

Sophia: Oh okay

Diana: I’m convinced a lot of men are women haters


Sophia: Also with dating apps most people are on them for attention and validation or they’re just bored.

Diana: It’s honestly like a game

Sophia: like hot or not


Sophia: and most aren’t on there for like relationships so they just end up ghosting whether the guy ghosts the girls or the girls ghosts the guy it goes both ways.

Diana: It does go both ways and that’s also another thing we talked about ghosting and I think we should ask some guys their opinions on ghosting and other related issues.

Sophia: so we’re gonna go out on campus

Diana: And we’re gonna ask these fellow men what they think about the talking stage.

Sophia: roll the clip

Sophia: Have you ever been ghosted?

Anthony: Yeah

Sophia: And have you ever ghosted someone?

Anthony: Yeah

Sophia: Why did you do that

Anthony: Because like I don’t know there’s no explanation for it.

Sophia: Do you just wake up one day and decide today’s the day?

Anthony: No it just happens I don’t want to respond so I don’t respond.

Sophia: How long do you think the talking stage should last?

Anthony: It depends on the people. For me the talking stage lasted like a month but it just depends on like if the person first came out of a breakup or not.

Sophia: that’s true

Sophia: Are you loyal during the talking stage?

Anthony: I say I am for some people it may not be but I stay loyal during the talking stage.

Diana: Have you ever been ghosted?

Student 2: No

Student 2 decided to stay anonymous

Diana: Have you ever ghosted anyone?

Student 2: yeah

Diana: Why

Student 2: A Lot of fear. I feel like fear of really committing, it clouds your brain.

Diana: How long do you think the talking stage should be?

Student 2: I think after I’ve ghosted people I think the talking stage should go on a little bit longer, usually I start ghosting because I feel like the other person is *inaudible* and I can’t meet them. What was the question again?

Diana: Are you loyal during the talking stage?

Student 2: yeah

Sophia: Have you ever ghosted someone?

Jake: Are you sure this is for a class?

Sophia: Yeah *laughs*

Diana: We have a podcast I can show you.

Jake: Yeah I have I just wasn’t feeling it

Sophia: Did you just stop replying.

Jake: yeah because she was being really forward and I wasn’t really interested in her like that.

Sophia: Have you ever been ghosted ?

Jake: Yeah plenty of times.

Sophia: How long do you think the talking stage should last?

Jake: I don’t know, depends on the situation.

Sophia: Are you loyal during the talking stage?

Jake: Yeah I don’t like talking to multiple females it makes me feel dirty.

Diana: Have you ever ghosted someone?

Dave: Yes I have, I think for the most part cuz it was like it gets boring um and honestly like if I’m not too interested like it’s like ima be super honest I might text back at first but if im not interested then I don’t want to call it ghost but I just stop texted back.

Sophia: So ghosting


Diana: Have you ever been ghosted?

Dave: That’s embarrassing but yeah I have.

Diana: It’s okay everyone’s been ghosted before. How long do you think the talking stage should last?

Dave: I think it depends on the situation but typically I would like to think that the talking stage should be like one to two months.

Diana: And are you loyal during the talking stage?

Dave: It depends on the person as well. If I’m interested in the person then yes but if i’m iffy about it in the talking stage then i’m going to see my options.

Diana: Have you guys ever been ghosted?

Students 5 and 6 wanted to stay anonymous.

Student 5: yes

Diana: Have you guys ever ghosted anyone?

Student 5: Um honestly it happens when I spend so much time away from them that I kind of hey how you doing and I’m like what do I say? Do I say I’ve seen your text and haven’t said anything or do I just kind of.

Diana: What about you, why do you ghost?

Student 6: If I ghost sometimes I just forget to respond to them. Maybe I’m too busy and I’ll think I’ll respond to it later but I just forget about it honestly but I always try to respond to people.

Diana: How long do you guys think the talking stage should last?

Student 5: That’s tricky because if it goes too long then it kind of sours. It’s like a dish you can’t have it sit out for too long.

Student 6: It really depends on the situation. It depends on the person.

Diana: How long should it last until you make it official.

Student 6: I mean the moment it’s official then It’s official It’s something you would decide with your partner like when you want to be official that should be the moment you guys are serious about it.

Student 5: Yeah I would either say It’s definitely sometime after 2nd date because I feel like first date it’s kind of figuring it out 2nd date it’s kind of like are we really going to do this because I feel like hopefully you’re not just wasting each other’s time but yeah I would say maybe after 2nd.

Diana: Are you guys loyal during the talking stage?

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Student 6: I don’t feel the need to but most of the time if I’m talking to someone I’m very attached to them, I don’t really gather feelings for anyone else so I would be loyal but I don’t think there’s a necessary need until you make it official.

Student 5: Yeah I would say it depends on what you call loyal I wouldn’t say I’m going setting up dates with other people but I don’t stop talking to people I feel like you need to establish a ground line of some people are less comfortable with you hanging out with other people so I don’t really change my behavior so I call it loyal

Diana: We’re back and we have gathered our thoughts.

Sophia: After interviewing several men on campus I’m so confused, I’m like more confused.

Diana: Everyone has a different opinion of how long the talking stage should be some longer than others and that’s okay.

Sophia: Some say you shouldn’t be loyal.

Diana: Some say you shouldn’t be too forward


Diana: I thought that’s what people wanted. Talking stage is just full of shit basically is what we gathered. *laughs*

Sophia: l literally, It’s just I don’t know *laughs* there isn’t much to say everybody is all over the place.

Diana: We all need to heal is what I’m also hearing. I think everyone is just scared of commitment nowadays, everyone is scared of getting cheated on being loyal.

Sophia: Everyone is afraid of commitment like the guy that said he just had fear.

Diana: That’s what I’m saying people need to heal. Before they start talking to other people. So heal and leave people alone, Because then you’re breaking hearts without wanting to.

Sophia: Like that one song by sza why you bother me

Diana: When you know you don’t want me why you bother me when you know you got a woman period.


Sophia: Okay bye


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Diana Morales, Arts & Entertainment Editor
Diana Morales plans on transferring to a cal state in the near future to gain more experience. Her goal as a journalist is to work for a fashion magazine company and then eventually create her own. She also aspires on working on the radio or as a social media manager.
Sophia Castillo, Opinion Editor
Sophia Castillo is the Opinion editor for Talon Marks. Sophia also enjoys thrifting and attending concerts. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Long Beach in the fall and hopes to work for Vogue Magazine.
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Vincent Medina is the managing editor of Cerritos College Talon Marks Newspaper. He plans to receive his Associates Degree for Transfer at the end of Fall ‘21 semester. Vincent plans to pursue political journalism, and his goal is to become a political correspondent.
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Alexia Naranjo is a staff writer for Talon Marks covering Arts and Entertainment, Life and Opinion. Alexia is a Journalism major and is currently enrolled in her last semester at Cerritos before transferring to Cal State. Other than covering stories Alexia enjoys taking photographs of landscapes to capture the beauty of our city and surrounding areas, going to the beach and spending time with her loved ones.
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Video: Talking Stage episode 2 – Hitting the campus