Presidential Search continues….

Alicia Edquist, Advertising Manager/Lab Aide

Thirteen applicants to be interviewed for the position of President of Cerritos College.

In a Presidential Search Memorandum from Bob Chester, Presidential Search Committee Chairperson, gave his first update to college about the candidates for President of Cerritos College.

The interviews are set for May 17 and 18. At the completion of these interviews, selected candidates will be recommended to the Board of Trustees for further consideration.

These candidates will also be invited to attend a campus forum scheduled May 20. Only candidates forwarded to the Trustees will participate in this forum. The time and location of the candidate forum will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

The open forum is for anyone, especially employees of the college and students.

There will be further updates as the final selection process moves forward.

The Board of Trustees chose not to be standing members of the Search Committee this time around, but they have been in prior years for the search of the president.

At a previous Board meeting, the Board put their faith into the committee and feels that as long as they look for a diverse group of applicants that are well rounded then there should be a good selection for a president.

“I’m am very certain that the Search Committee will do an excellent job reviewing, interviewing, and evaluating each individual,” said Bob Arthur, President of the Board of Trustees.

The new president is scheduled to take office as of July 1 this year.