BSU holds Black History Month celebration

Diego Arreola and Diego Arreola

The Black Student Union held a celebration in honor of Black History Month Friday Feb. 22, 2013 in the Student Center.

The club organized awards that were distributed to those who helped out the club.

It also held a 80s themed fashion show and a talent show that featured models from the club and volunteers.

The event was hosted by BSU club member and dance major Raneisha Dubose who also participated in the fashion show portion of the event.

“(The fashion show) was so much fun, little kids got out there and ripped the runway, I myself .. ripped the runway. We had a blast” Dubose said.

Music major Jade Simon attended and participated in the event by competing in the talent show and placing third and felt like the overall event needed a little more work.

Jade performed with her brother Dauvee Simon, Jade sang “He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me” by Toni Braxton while her brother danced to the song.

“I felt like it was interesting…there were some technical difficulties but other than that it was a good show we mainly came out here to have fun” Jade said.

Both Jade and Dauvee felt that even though the event was fun for them it could’ve used more advertising.

“We didn’t find out about it until Tuesday of this week (Feb. 19), we came up with our routine (on) Wednesday (Feb. 20) night.” Jade said.

Regarding the fashion show, Jade said that the event was fun to watch the only downside were kids being shy to walk the runway.

Dauvee found another aspect of the event that stood out as being different.

“I thought it was pretty interesting, not a lot of people would think of going back to the 80s .. or even doing a fashion show for Black History Month, so I think .. it was a very good idea and a very good concept.” Dauvee said.

Despite the parts that were unorganized Dauvee said he still enjoyed the show.

Dubose felt like the talent show went really well and said “We had one performance that was really funny and every one got a kick out of it”

The club mixed a combination of lectures and speeches about Black History Month.

Dubose feels as if BSU could’ve done more to represent Black History Month.

“We didn’t get too much into black history, we more so got into the program. I think we … should of, considering it’s a Black History Month Program, we could of focused more on black history and we didn’t”

This was Dubose’s first time working with this event and feels that next time the event will be more organized as far as decorations and the programming.

“I feel like after doing it (the event) tonight we know now what to do and what not to do”

She said that something that did stand out about the event was that students could see what the club was about.

During the event there was a vender selling jewelry at the entrance, the club also sold snacks and drinks to fund raise.

The event was held from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.