Bake sale proceeds go toward breast cancer walk


The Child Development center hosted a bake sale to raise money for breast cancer.

As many women in the world are being diagnosed with breast cancer, the Child Development Center came together with parents to sell cupcakes, cake pops and other goodies.

The money was to be donated to the Breast Cancer walk on Thursday, March 27.

“The bake sale is for Cancer Awareness on Thursday,” said Casey Tharp, associate teacher for Child Development at Cerritos College.

Casey as well as parents and children were spoken to about the meaning of breast cancer and how it affects their lives. As the children and the parents came up with the idea of donating baked goods to sell, prices ranging from 50 cents to a dollar.

“Parents [will] donate or we bake some [of the treats] at the center or they are baked at home or some bought at the store,” Tharp said.

The donations will go to women with breast cancer who can’t afford to get treatment or examinations. The children were made aware that not many women are able to afford treatment for breast cancer. The kids were excited to help and sell as many treats as possible.

“I think it’s good and it shows we can give to a good cause, and the kids know,” said Erni De La Paz, parent volunteer, who donated her time to sell the treats. The group hopes to make enough to help.

Another mother who participated in this event was Michelle Reed.

Reed thinks it’s a good idea that the kids were involved and for them to know how its value to women and how important it is to many people.

Reed is aware that the children know about this and she is glad that they were enthusiastic to have participated, “We are all women [and] it affects some of the kids.”