Three car collision on Alondra Boulevard


Photo credit: Kristopher Carrasco

On Monday, April 7 at 4:45 p.m., a car crash involving three vehicles occurred near the corner of Studebaker Road and Alondra Boulevard when one of the drivers lost control of his vehicle due to a seizure.

No immediate injuries happened as a result of the crash.

A woman who didn’t want to disclose her information witnessed the entire accident and helped the police and paramedics.

The woman said, “The driver of the black Ford was headed down Alondra Boulevard and once he passed Studebaker Road he drove over the island separating the road and into oncoming traffic.”

The driver of the black Ford, a man of what looked to be in his mid-40s, had a seizure while driving which caused him to lose control of his vehicle and eventually crash into two other vehicles.

“When the three cars crashed, we (other witnesses) noticed that the man in the car was having a seizure and we grabbed a skateboard to break the window and try to get him out of his car,” said the woman.

The paramedics and fire department arrived on the scene and helped all the victims accordingly.

The paramedics assisted the man out of his vehicle and on to a gurney while providing him with oxygen through a manual pump oxygen bag.

Computer Science major, Josh Mazyck, was also on the scene when the paramedics arrived and was relieved to see that they did their job well and that the victims did not suffer any major injuries.

“From what I know, the man in the ambulance had a seizure and drove into oncoming traffic. I’m just glad to see that luckily it wasn’t a head-on collision and nobody was drastically hurt,” Mazyck said. “When the car went onto this side of the street, the first car swerved enough to only get some damage to the side. The second car was also able to avoid a major head on hit.”

Mazyck also pointed out that one of the victims was associated with Cerritos College and works in the school’s EOPS office.