Added summer sections are meant to be a representation of student need

The selection process for classes, per the 100 sections added for summer school as a result of the Social Equality Club and student demand, were selected through widespread input from said students.

JoAnna Schilling, the vice-president of academic affairs, believes the new sections are an indication of the student need on campus.

She said, “The summer schedule was already built to address needs across the campus and curriculum, so when we added courses, we focused mainly on high demand courses.”

She added, “ In order to identify which courses were needed, we ran a ‘high demand’ report for courses that students traditionally have difficulty enrolling in; we also identified courses needed for completing a degree or certificate. Then we identified the courses in each division and included them in the additional 100 sections.”

The classes are a reflection of the student need in regards to general education and AA degrees, including for transfer.

Rick Miranda, the dean of academic affairs, mentioned that the purpose of these new sections was to cater to the widespread body of the students at Cerritos College, not necessarily one individuals who needs, say, a math class.

Schilling reiterates this.

“We based our decisions on demand across the campus, not on anecdotal or individual course requests. In most cases the classes we added were also those courses that students requested.”

Miranda said, “As a result of this, we hope that students are able to take steps forward in completing their education.”