Cerritos College Spring 2015 Festival entertains students


Students commingling with clubs out on Falcon Square in the 2015 Spring Festival Thursday, April 2. Photo credit: Perla Lara

Perla Lara, Staff Writer

The music entertainment was provided by the WPMD Club with a group of rappers on stage including a woman rapper and business major Joe Escandon also known as Djxstatik providing the beats for the Spring Festival and provided games fun and memorable activities to fellow students on Thursday April 2.

The Club President Simon Saveon also known as Ignite said, “The WPMD club started as a campus program over 40 years ago and in 1999 it officially started as a club that any Cerritos student could join.”

Saveon was one of the rappers on stage. For him the Spring Festival is the first annual event for the club.

He added, “It’s my favorite it has the most structure.”

“We started with a crowd of 10 people and that turned into 60 people, we had a steady crowd of 45 throughout the day.” Saveon said.

The woman rapper on stage was WPMD club member and pediatric nursing major Lucia Romero also known as Lucyfer.

Romero said, “I started writing poetry in the 6 grade and officially started rapping in the 10 grade. I want to be that woman that makes others step up.”

The clubs performance also had the impromptu addition of music and dance double major Emani Acosta.

“I have stage experience and wanted to try rapping to get a new experience. I’m definitely joining the club.”

Another club that had a large turnout was the Social Photography Club where their booth sold professional portraits for only one dollar.

Club member and ASCC Associate Justice Michael Melindo said, “We started at 10 a.m. and it has been non-stop clients. Our club is a new club but we have 100 members and we wanted to give back to the students. The photographer Anne Salas is a professional and normally charges 500 dollars for her work, but she is doing it for one dollar because she wants to give something to the students at Cerritos College.”

Child Development major Pearl Netrayana had her portrait taken.

She said, “I had fun I am looking forward to the pictures.”

Face painting was provided by the club The Artists Society; Club President Hope Garcia.

She said, “Our club is one of the oldest standing clubs on campus its been here long enough for Mr. Portigal to around, we painted over 30 faces including three full face paintings it was a god turnout.”

Other fun activities included the K-Pop club’s PLINKO game and a free photo booth where Franco Falcon also joined the fun and took pictures with students.