Senate discusses Library Extension Hours

Jocelyn Torralba

Vice President of Academic Affairs Rick Miranda and Senator Gurpreet Ubbu brought forward the discussion topic of a possible extension of hours for the Cerritos College library.

During the Wednesday, March 1 ASCC Senate meeting they suggest extending the school’s library hours the week before finals.

Senator Ubbu said, “I think we should extend the library hours because we tend to go to Starbucks and the cost of transportation is too much.”

Miranda explained that senators suggested to him the option of a 24 hour period or until midnight extension the week before finals week.

He suggested the extension until midnight because he is not sure of the students impact as well as the cost for more staff.

The initial annual request for the fund is $25,480.00.

The library extension hours would apply for the fall and spring semesters.

Miranda said “My recommendation to you is considering the midnight extension for this semester, as a trial basis, then the staff could keep track for you bring back that data and check the results if students actually went during the extension.”

He added that the senate could check the results of the impact during the extension, after that Senate can decide to add or not add hours for the the upcoming semesters.

Miranda continued by saying that last semester students came to the board meeting to ask for an extension for the library hours.

The extension of parking will be added if the legislation passes.

Miranda added that they will look into making the legislation apply also to the 9 and 15 week courses.

Senator Linda Sanchez suggested that if the legislation passes faculty should advertise because most students won’t know about the library extended hours.

Miranda said, “E-mails will be sent to professors to let the students know about the extension.”

Senator Giovanni Barragan commented about the library extension hours and said “I think it’s really good, I was here yesterday and I was in the study room with my friends around 9 at night, and then we heard the library closes at 10 so we had to go to Starbucks and we have to drive all the way to Bellflower because that one was the closest one that was open until midnight.”

He believes it is a good idea and he hopes the legislation is accepted; when it does he’ll let students know about it so they can take advantage of the extension.

Arthur Hanner had a different opinion and said “If the students really wanted I would say yes but there’s no real proof the students want it. If we do extend the hours, it should only be the week before finals.”

He added that if he were to see more students putting effort to ask for the extension and come to Senate meetings then it would be easier for him to vote on the legislation.