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Jorge Soriano, early admissions coordinator, for CSLB is informing students about their campus and what programs they offer.
Jaelyn Delos Reyes

College hosts University fair

Cerritos College transfer center hosted the University Fair for students who are interested in transferring to a university on Sept. 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The fair took place inside the Student Hall where more than 50 colleges/universities came to share information about their campus with Cerritos College students.

Students were able to speak with these universities about being competitive, what is needed for admissions and what the colleges have to offer them.

Student hall
The University fair was held in the student hall on Sept. 12 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. due to the heat and construction outside. (Jaelyn Delos Reyes)

Brittany Lundeen, transfer center co-director, talked about the importance of the fair for Cerritos college students.

“I think it’s really important for students to open their options up, not to just consider a local school, but the best school for them to attend,” Lundeen said.

This is the first time the transfer center is hosting the University fair since COVID hit the world.

“Prior to COVID, we had this twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring,” Lundeen said, “We’re normally outside, but with the heat and the construction going on we decided to move it inside this year.”

MJ Cabusao, a criminal justice major, shares his thoughts and why he attended the fair.

“I always wanted to explore my options cause I’m a student-athlete,” Cabusao said, “As a student-athlete, you always gotta have a backup plan.”

“I just wanted to see what universities there are in California if football doesn’t work out,” Cabusao said.

“Some students may not know there are other schools out there with better funding,” the criminal justice student said, “At the end of the day, you want to be comfortable where you’re going to school.”

Onay Gouda, an Accounting major; Sera Ghattas, a Biology major and Madonna Ghaly, a Biology major; all share their thoughts about the university fair.

Cerritos College students
Madonna Ghaly and Onay Gouda attending the University Fair on Sept. 12. (Jaelyn Delos Reyes)

“We’re interested in seeing in different colleges that we don’t know about,” Gouda said, “We didn’t know about UC Santa Barbara and their programs for our majors.”

Ghattas said, “I think it was good to really know my options. I’d say I’m taking a safe route by getting educated on my requirements.”

“I walked in thinking that UCI is a dream school, but there were different colleges that we never even heard of,” Ghaly said, “Like she said about Santa Barbara [points to Ghouda], they literally convinced us and they gave us really good information.”

An accounting student said that it’s important to see what all the colleges have to offer and learn the differences between each school.

“Not only do they give you information about their school, but give you advice about college and um like taking different routes to where you wanna be,” said Ghaly, “Your major doesn’t determine where you’re going to end up.”

The transfer center will host another University Fair in the spring semester for students to attend.

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