Dr. Hoyle and Dr. Hroch
Dr. Hoyle, who’s on the left-hand side and Dr. Hroch, who’s on the right-hand side, pose for a photo with their plaque and medal at the Sept. 14 board of trustee meeting.
Samuel Chacko

Dr. Hoyle and Dr. Hroch won manager of the year

The managers of the year, Dr. Sheela Hoyle and Dr. Amber Hroch, were celebrated for their accomplishments on Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. where tons of faculty went to the administration quad to show their support.

Before the board of trustee meeting took place, the college celebrated Dr. Hoyle and Dr. Hroch for being managers of the year during those tough times.

Dr. Hroch was recognized as an outstanding classified manager and Dr. Hoyle was recognized as an outstanding educational manager.

Dr. Hroch has opened the door with the statistics she gives the college and Dr. Hoyle was the Interim Dean of Counseling last year.

“I’m excited about being manager of the year,” Dr. Hoyle said, “Being here for 20 years, this accomplishment wouldn’t be possible without the counseling division.”

Dr. Hoyle said that there were many tough challenges during the pandemic and that this accomplishment was a testament to the team.

“It’s exciting that I made an impact on campus and student success,” Dr. Hoyle added.

Ryan Hoyle, Dr. Hoyle’s son and photographer, said that his mom’s accomplishment was incredible.

“She’s been here for 20+ years,” Hoyle said, “Faculty staying after hours to support her shows the collective spirit.”

The board of trustee meeting gave both Dr. Hoyle and Dr. Hroch a medal, that Trustee Birkey put on them, and a plaque.

“It has been a pleasure working with you,” Dr. Fierro said to Dr. Hroch, “We can honestly say our data access for our campus has dramatically improved.”

Dr. Hroch started off her speech by thanking Dr. Fierro for his leadership and mentorship throughout her time here.

“I want to especially thank my team, I couldn’t have done it without you,” Dr. Hroch said, “Thank you to everyone for this.”

Dr. Hroch was pivotal in helping with SLOs and one recent example, showing statistics about the COVID-19 survey.

The board of trustees then has Dr. Hoyle, who also won manager of the year, to speak to the board.

“I would like to thank the board for your support, Dr. Fierro for entrusting me in this position as Interim Dean of Counseling during some trying times,” Dr. Hoyle said.

“I truly believe this work cannot be done by one person,” the former Interim Dean of Counseling said, “I’m grateful to be in this position to make change during trying times.”

“Shelia was nominated to be the Interim Dean and she came and worked super hard,” Dr. Fierro said, “Got everyone excited, worked with the counselors, started getting all the ed-plans, the LCPs together.”

Dr. Hoyle and Dr. Hroch look to continuing their awesome work at Cerritos college in the coming years.

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