Falcons Rising interviews new trustee Dawn Green


Cinthia Gutierrez

The new Board of Trustee member, Trustee Dawn Green, was interviewed by students, staff and faculty on Dec. 8 at 6 p.m.

Cinthia Gutierrez, Staff Writer

Falcon Rising hosted an event where important questions were asked and brought to Dawn Green’s attention on Dec. 8th at 6 p.m. where students, faculty, staff and professors were welcome to ask any questions.

This event was hosted by Dr. Natalie Sartin and Dr. Will Mittendorf and Dr. Sartin explained that Falcons Rising was created in 2020 after The George Floyd incident she felt there needed to be a discussion within the community.

Trustee Dawn Green explained the honor she felt to be the first African American woman on the board and how she will be here to make sure her African American students feel heard and understood.

She also wanted them to help her understand how their needs can be met, as well as Hispanic students and wanting them to feel helped and heard.

The new trust member really wants students of all ethnicities to feel a sense of relating through her and Trustee Green plans to look at statistics and feedback to further understand where exactly she can help students.

ASCC Senator Jorge Diaz and Samuel Chacko, the Editor-in-Chief for Talon Marks, asked many questions on behalf of students as they brought to her attention questions that we as students want to be answered.

The first question was about the WIFI problem we’ve been having this year and how it’s been difficult for many students to the point where students are buying hotspots.

Trustee Green stated she wants students’ basic needs met and while she’s here she is going to make sure the basic needs are being met including the WIFI.

Not only did she make students feel like she would do her best to provide support and help by saying, “It is our goal not only to increase enrollment but to make sure students love being at Cerritos.”

Deanna Quesada shared her story of being in the foster system, having to work at an early age and not getting the opportunity to go to school.

She shared her experience as an older person coming back to college and what she’s seen, her great experiences with professors and classmates in the classroom as well as some not-so-good experiences.

Trustee Green replied to her the importance she feels towards having staff and faculty on the same page and working together to make better changes in order for us to “Rise up.”

Green stated she wants to fulfill her duty, “I am working for the students I am working for the faculty, I’m working for the staff and I am working for Cerritos College to see that win and data change.”

Student Ruben Leon shared in the chat, “I can put my trust in your hands and I feel confident with you, our newest Trustee, will help us fly even higher.”