The next step toward gay tolerance is teaching its history


Pete Moye'

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Pete Moye’
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It is a good thing to teach gay rights in schools. A lot of people discriminate homosexuals for their difference in liking a man with a man or woman with a woman.

The feeling of having to include gay rights in schools is a perfect example of freedom.

Most schools feel it is a wrong doing by teaching kids about gay history. Lots of students don’t understand the meaning of a homosexual.

Some students say “gay” for a lot of different meanings. For example “this shirt is gay” or” you are gay”.

It is not right for kids to say words that can hurt peoples emotions and may cause depression or worse suicidal thoughts.

Teaching gay history and gay rights will show that being a homosexual is a normal thing and less people will stop disliking homosexuals and understanding them the same way we did to African Americans and hispanics back in the 1900s its the same now in the 21st century there has to be a change in gay rights and for them to gain their respect.

A lot of homosexuals do parades and events to raise fund raisers for gay rights for people to publish books and give information on having gay rights.

Homosexuals are part of our culture, more people expose homosexuality in television, radio stations and websites.

Children see all these things on homosexuality happening in their lives so why not teach them something that they see people going through?

Children dont have a clue what is a homosexual. Some find out by families friends or social media it will be as much better if they teach it properly and see what kind of differences do homosexuals have with not only people that are straight but what to say or what not to say.

Parents are really in denial about homosexuality, but sometimes their sons or daughters are gay and adults don’t know how to react to the situation that their kids are homosexuals.

It is only right to educate children and make them realize that homosexuality is something that should be accepted and not ridiculed.