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No one should have to act their age during Halloween

Pete Moye’
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Pete Moye’
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There will never be an age limit when it will be too old for people to dress up for Halloween.

This is a day when people have the right to come out as their favorite character from a movie, show, comic book or as a famous celebrity.

It doesn’t matter how they dress, as long as they amuse themselves and the people around them.

So what if people want to dress up with skanky costumes on Halloween? This doesn’t mean that dressing as that makes them a tramp.

Let them do so because this is the one time of year that they can be set free in what the people want to dress as.

Who says one can’t be the revolutionist V from V for Vendetta?

Halloween is the day that brings out clarity of a person’s personality and get to act as a character that one has fantasized about wanting to be.

That’s the purpose of Halloween parties, to dress up as someone that one has always dreamed about becoming regardless if they are sixty years old.

Women growing up watching “She-Ra: Princess of Power” in the 1980s can finally have a day when they are able to be her.

Men who have always wanted to make fun of Marylin Monroe can have a chance to do so by dressing up as her in a satirical fashion.

It is impossible that one can become a zombie inspired by AMC’s “The Walking Dead” on Halloween if one doesn’t wear special makeup to bring out that ghastly and horrid feature that will haunt people for one night.

Wearing make-up for one day should not bring down a person’s pride, this is for the purpose of making a costume stand out and have resemblance of what one is dressing as.

Let old women dress up as Wonder Woman, as Eve, old men dress up as Thor. People yell down the street and men wear only a cloth around their waist to become Tarzan; this is a chance for change!

Aging means a person is getting older, getting older means maturity; maturity means that a person can handle seeing costumes no matter how grisly, provocative or funny they are.

Creativity evolves as people age, meaning that more interesting and mind-blowing costumes will turn out every year on Halloween.

Life is too short, age isn’t managed by people but it is a number that is only counted by years one has lived.

On this day let it be for society to have fun for one special night that will no be critizied by how old a person is, but to be judged of how people have no fear to bring out their inner selves for one night.

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No one should have to act their age during Halloween