Free Speech Zone – Jan. 25

Balancing Family and School – Juan Lopez : Talon Marks Campus News Hour

Oreanna Stevenson- Major: Criminal Justice. “I feel that’s unfair, because we all go here, pay for school, and were all grown and we can do anything basically on campus so why cant we smoke?”

Richard Borjas- Major: Political Science. “I say that will be a good thing but you know smoking relieves stress for students who are working.”

Carlos Diaz- Major: History. “I’m all for it. I see people smoking where they shouldn’t. There are smoking zones in certain parts of the campus and they are no where near it, they are 20 feet closer to classes.”

Ricardo Perez- Major Undecided. “I smoke. I never heard of banning it. If it helps people quit, I support anything like change because I want to quit”

Tracy Crespo- Major Biology: “I feel that its really good because there’s a lot of non-smokers here.”

Edna Jimenez- Major Dental assistant “I think its good that they did that because it probably bugs people.”