Weapons should not be present on campus

Mario Jimenez and Mario Jimenez

Should students be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus? Definitely not.

First of all why should there be any reason for students at any college or university around the world have to carry a concealed weapon around campus for?

Students should feel safe while they’re at school without a weapon in their possession as school is meant to further advance ones educational knowledge and therefore should be an all around friendly experience.

There have been instances in the past at colleges/universities in the United States where shootouts or massacres have occurred but those are rare occurrences that happen once in a blue moon.

What’s the point of having security on college campuses to make sure that a security presence is felt if students still fear coming to school.

There are alternatives to carrying concealed weapons around campus.

One of these alternatives is to hang out in groups of people as opposed to being all alone. People who are looking for students to prey on will not approach a group but rather person walking all alone.

This method can be significantly more important to women as opposed to men but applies to all.

School is a place for students to brighten up their futures, not a place for criminals to prey on weak minds. Weapons shouldn’t even be a thought much less a concern.

If there is concern around school that students may be carrying weapons, why not install metal detectors at all building entrances around campus? That would certainly have students feeling much safer about attending school.

Considering that Cerritos College is only a few blocks away from a firearms store, it is relatively easy for someone to stop by and accommodate its artillery needs on the way to school, that’s a pretty scary thought.

In conclusion there is no reason for students to have to carry concealed weapons on campus.

Having concealed weapons on campus will only result in casualties and problems that can be easily avoided by tightening up security measure if necessary.