Free Speech Zone – Bathroom Hygiene

Gustavo Munoz, Geography major student said, “I think newer bathrooms in campus are not as bad as the older ones. I think older ones are little more disgusting. If I want to use a restroom I use the one in the LC Building. I feel it is more clean and sanitary than the other ones.”

James Mcleod, who is stuying Administrative Justice, said, I do not have any concerns about the condition of bathrooms in campus, but among the ones I use, the bathroom in the new science building is best.”

Rohan Misra, Political Science Major, said, “ I think it is disgusting. It is overly filthy. I think the problem is that they are poorly managed and the cleaners do not care much as they are rushing, although student also have a lot to do with such as tagging, graffiti, not flushing, throwing stuff on the floor. And, I do not see the maintenance people spray, use sanitizer; I see them sweeping the floor but do not seem them disinfecting the bathrooms” But to the solution to the problem should come from higher up.”

N.J. Flores, a Computer Science Major said, “ I do not have any problem with the bath as most of them I visit are kept pretty clean. I have been using the bathroom next to the library and although I have seen a couple of paper on the floor, there was no major problem.”

Veronica Sanchez, a Nursing Major, said, “I have no no particular concern about the bathrooms and I am quite happy with the way they are used and maintained.”