Five things you could do to bring your grades up

Students around Cerritos College are constantly trying to search for ways to improve their grades. Below are the top five tips on how students can improve their education.

Number 5: Structure study time

As a student, the most important things you can do to improve your grades are “getting better structured study time, getting help from the teacher, doing home work, reviewing homework, getting outside help from others and not just from school,” said, Byron Hildebrand who majors in English.

Hildebrand continued; “I do ok in class, but I need some outside resources so that I’m able to do better”.

4:Use your time wisely

Richard Garcia English major said, “I would like to take my mind off of pre occupied situations, use time the instructors has given us, use resources at the library or even use resources that you find with friends. Try to stay in a positive atmosphere and just to be self-motivated.

“Thinking about how to maintain my average you have to be able to express it in order to hear yourself and apply what you say”.

“Pretty much practice what you preach”, said Garcia.

Lizbeth Hernandez who majors in biology said, “You could go to the student success center, tutoring, ask the instructor questions after there office hours, study and not go party”.

3: Get a tutor

Hernandez also said, “These things will make you more successful in other ways”.

“If you’re at school on time you will put more effort into your school work and you wont miss anything”, said Claudia Alvarado who is undecided on her major.

2:Make friends

Hernandez also continued “Don’t leave things to the last minute, stay up in study, make friends and get close to your instructor.

“If you have friends they can always help you”.

“It sometimes can be a little challenging with keeping grades up but it’s worth it in the long run”.

1:Talk to your instructor and make sure you understand your assignments

Ceasar Sanchez computer science major said, “Read your notes daily that way you memorize it better, be in study groups, go with friends to do your homework, go to all of your classes and don’t miss any days”.

Sanchez continued,” Make sure you get your rest”.