Student center is more like dirty center

Jose Ruiz, Jose Ruiz, and Jose Ruiz

Littering has always been an issue for the urban environment.

There really is much to say about why people shouldn’t just stop and throw away their trash.

In the neighborhoods throughout the city, there isn’t as much trash as there is in a public place like a shopping center or a park.

The city is your home, so stop trashing it up. You wouldn’t trash up your own house now would you?

There are many trashcans around so just take the time to throw out your trash please.

Georgina Pinanuri psychology major said,”is it really that hard to throw your trash away, I really hate seeing people not picking up after themselves.”

At the Student Center, there is a problem with litering, and it needs to stop.

The Student Center is not a big dump. Ricky Pacheco health major said,”there are a few restaurants at the Student Center and I have seen a couple of students not pick up after themselves. It just seems kind of wrong to leave your trash any place you want.”

Keeping the campus and classrooms neat is an important part of being a student, because Cerritos college has to be presentable.

Since the Student Center attracts more people than anywhere else on campus, it is important to keep it clean and as presentable as possible.

Elois Joseph said,”I am usually around the student center because a couple of my friends like to play pool in the game room, and it seem like there are more students around there than anywhere in the campus. That’s why I think there’s more trash there than anywhere else.”

Students, pick up after yourselves, it is not that hard, there are plenty of trashcans around, toss your garbage there not on the floor.