Free Speech Zone – Are students prepared to transfer?

Are you prepared to transfer to a UC or CAL state college?

  1. Corey Green, Major Undecided

” Not yet because im new but in a couple years i’ll be ready.”

  1. Martin Talavera, Major Law

“The military is helping, the student veteran center is they give me the resources i need to transfer.”

  1. Paola Guerrero, Major Biology

“Yes, im taking classes towards my major and i talked to my counsellor and i check the transfer center for any events.”

  1. Melanie Osnaya, Major Undecided

“Not right now, i just started its my first semester.”

  1. Fausto Hernandez, Major Engeering

“Yes. my mom is a teacher at USC so she pretty much told me what to do.”

  1. Syeda Iftekhar, Criminal Justice

“CAL state, i have everthing ready all my transcripts and all my units are almost done and i talked to the eops counsellors.”