Free Speech Zone – Reaction to a student bringing a gun onto campus

Martin Calderon and Martin Calderon

“This is not like a High School that has fences around it, so anybody can come in.”

Wendy Osorio

Undecided Major

“Thats pretty shocking to hear that someone was walking around with a gun. That seems so “1800’s.””

Jason Guardado

Music Major

“I get out of school at 10p.m. and it is very dark and lonely, so I am conscious about where I walk around.”

Paola Guerrero

“My first reaction was “WTF.” “I suggest they put metal detectors because you would never think someone from your own school would bring arms with bullets.”

Chris Santacruz

Business Major

“At first I was scared because I thought he was a student but when I found out he wasn’t a student it made me even more shocked.”