Free Speech Zone -Higher One Fees

What do you feel about the higher one account fees?

1) Tiequesha Atkins

Major: Administrative of Justice

“I don’t like when they charge me every time I put my pin in.”

2) Jamel Blackmon

Major: Administrative of Justice

“With the fifty cent charge, I feel that it is uncalled for because every time you swipe they take away fifty cents from you.”

3) Breanna Stone

Major: Administrative of Justice

“It is a good advantage because you can use credit they don’t charge you. But if you use debit they charge you.”

4) Jade Webber

Major: Undecided

“If I take out money, I use the higher one account and not one like Bank of America that is going to charge me more.”

5) Lorietta Evans

Major: Nursing

“Honestly, I think it’s not fair because I don’t feel my money should be taken away from me every time I take money out.”